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3 Ways Cloud Computing is Changing IT for the Better

Cloud computing is making everything easier. Companies that operated IT infrastructures of their own before the cloud know firsthand how much easier it is thanks to the cloud. A brief comparison of doing business before and after the cloud will show just how much cloud computing is changing things.

Think about what it was like to set up a major business application like hosting corporate email just fifteen years ago. Setting up your company with an application like this would entail purchasing a dedicated server. You would then have to spend a significant amount of hours installing and deploying the new server and software. In addition to this, a server isn’t a piece of equipment that you can simply set up and walk away from, never to touch again. Owning a server requires maintenance, which means having an in-house technician at best, or having regular visits from a break-fix computer repair company at the least.

Easy to Deploy
Fast forward to today and a business wanting the same enterprise-level solution can simply call up a cloud computing provider and within fifteen minutes the solution is deployed and can be accessed on every company device. There is no need to spend a half day or even half a week installing a new server and setting up the software on each workstation. From an end-user standpoint, using a hosted business app over the cloud functions just as good as if the business owner had sprung for a new server unit and hosted the app internally.

Easy to Maintain
The cloud makes worrying about server maintenance a thing of the past. Because the application is hosted, the cloud provider is the one taking care of server maintenances and remotely fixes any issues that you may experience with your hosted application. No longer do you have to keep an IT technician on staff to oversee a closet full of servers. Outsourcing your IT will free up a significant amount of payroll so you can hire staff that generates revenue (like sales), instead of having to spend money for someone to maintain your systems.

Easy to Budget Around
It’s well known that cloud computing makes operations easier, but one of the biggest advantages of the cloud is something that happens away from the computer and in the financial books. You see, back in the day when an organization had to drop money on server units and networking equipment, these purchases took a lot out the capital expense portion of a company’s budget. Thanks to cloud computing being a contracted service, payments are made from a company’s operating budget, thus, freeing up capital. Any business owner that has ever had a budget busted due to an unforeseen server crash will appreciate how friendly cloud computing is to a company’s budget.

Is your business taking advantage of cloud computing? There are additional ways that the cloud changes IT for the better, like increased mobility, improved network security, and giving companies the option to backup their data to the cloud, which is a much more secure and reliable way to do data backup. To make IT easier for your business with cloud computing, call SemTech IT Solutions at 407-830-1434.


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