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3 Ways Your Fax Machine Is Eating Away at Your Budget

Does your office still use a fax machine? You know that it’s an outdated piece of equipment, but this fact might not deter its continued use if you don’t care about the latest technology (we admit that not everyone does). Perhaps by taking a look at all the money wasted by using a fax machine, we can convince you otherwise.

Here are three ways that a fax machine drains your budget. Keep in mind that none of these expenses are associated with the modern alternative, a fax server solution.

Paying for a Dedicated Phone Line
Having a fax machine for your business requires a dedicated phone line. Without one, people trying to contact your company will be greeted with a busy signal when you’re sending or receiving a fax, which can translate to a lost sale. A fax server solution uses an Internet connection that doesn’t tie up your communications, allowing you to cut the cord on the dedicated fax phone line.

Paper and Ink Toner
Granted, paper and fax machine ink toner aren’t huge expenses, but they can add up quickly. It’s difficult to assign an exact figure on these numbers that apply to every office because it will vary from workplace to workplace, depending on how heavily the fax machine is used. You know how expensive it is to replace cartridges for your fax machine, but are you aware of just how much printer ink costs? According to The New York Times, one gallon of HP 02 Black ink adds up to $4,294.58 per gallon. Implementing a fax server solution from SemTech IT Solutions is a big way to save money by going paperless.

Fax Machine Maintenance
Like all technology, fax machines are prone to breaking down. A major hardware failure from your fax machine will require the time and attention of an IT technician. An on-site visit like this to service a specialty piece of equipment isn’t cheap. Additionally, fax machines come with a bunch of day-to-day maintenance tasks that equate to downtime and lost productivity for your staff. Having to do things like swap out ink cartridges, refill paper, take care of paper jams, tend to the sending and receiving of faxes, and even filing the paperwork, all of these waste precious minutes of productivity from the workday.

A fax server solution from SemTech IT Solutions will alleviate all of these fax machine expenses for your company. Instead of having to deal with paper and ink, you can send and receive digitized faxes in the form of PDF files, straight to your email inbox. And don’t forget about experiencing the joy of not having to look at that bulky fax machine sitting in the corner of your office. To learn more about how a fax server solution works, along with more ways that it will benefit your business, reach out to SemTech IT Solutions at 407-830-1434.


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