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6 Months Later, Windows 10 is Being Tested By 2x as Many Businesses as Windows 8

The most recent edition to the Windows family of operating systems, Windows 10, offers several new features that appeal to business owners. Yet, many businesses are still skeptical about adopting it for their entire infrastructure. Still, there’s good news abound for Microsoft’s OS, as compared to the unpopular Windows 8, Windows 10 is being tested on twice as many computers following its release date.

The reason we say “tested” and not “used” is because IT departments want a chance to test the operating system for use with mission-critical applications and software before deploying the operating system to their entire infrastructure.

According to Spiceworks, 18 percent of businesses are testing Windows 10 for use with their organization, while only 9.3 percent of businesses were testing Windows 8 when it was released. Considering the fact that 94 percent of IT executives are interested in Windows 10, this makes sense. It’s only a matter of time until it’s adopted by businesses all over the world, and these organizations are doing the smart thing by making sure that Windows 10 doesn’t break their operations.

According to Spiceworks, there are several combined conveniences that can be attributed to the increased interest in Windows 10. Here are just a few of them:

  • Windows 10 is a free upgrade: Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10 hard, citing the fact that it’s a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and 8.1. This gives businesses the opportunity to test it on a single computer without putting the entire infrastructure on the line.
  • Familiar features have returned: Windows 8 had a slick Metro-filed user interface that removed the Start menu, confusing many longtime Windows users. The Start menu makes its triumphant return in Windows 10. This might seem like a trivial thing to be excited about, but it’s great nonetheless.
  • Windows 10 requires less training: Windows 8, while not that fundamentally different from previous Windows operating systems, felt a bit strange for some users, and required some training with the new tiled Start menu and the Search app. Windows 10 is more of a traditional operating system interface, which means less time that your organization has to spend on training.

If you’re not yet using Windows 10, you should consider doing so. It might have features that can help your business be more productive. However, you don’t want to make the jump to Windows 10 without first assessing your business’s needs. If you upgrade without checking your compatibility with your legacy applications and software, you can potentially fall victim to unnecessary downtime. By first assessing your business’s needs, you can avoid wasting time and resources.

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