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Adoption of Cloud Services Continues to Increase in 2016

There’s no denying that your business’s productivity suite is one of its most valuable software solutions. Cloud services like Google Apps for Work and Microsoft Office 365 continue to be huge game-changers in the business environment, and it’s been found that their increasing popularity is thanks to the convenience of providing mobile access to important data and applications.

The success of “software as a service,” or SaaS, is a significant trend that you need to leverage to your advantage. In essence, businesses that use SaaS are paying a flat rate for a productivity suite or similar service. This software can then be accessed through the cloud via an Internet connection, making it both flexible enough to add new users, and accessible enough to be used anywhere on most any device. According to BetterCloud, 91 percent of Google Apps users claim that SaaS helps them more than traditional desktop applications, while 68 percent of Office 365 users say the same about Office.

The success of Software as a Service offerings can be attributed to paying less for more over time. Rather than buying software outright, businesses are finding it more economically feasible to pay a smaller monthly rate for services rendered. This presents several benefits in comparison to purchasing applications in full, like having more manageable payments over time, and always using up-to-date versions of business apps. Additionally, it’s much easier to add new users to a cloud-based productivity suite than it is to purchase new licenses for all of the software required for their position.

Besides these benefits, BetterCloud believes that there are still some significant roadblocks that are preventing organizations from implementing cloud-based applications. One of them is the business’s dedication to the antiquated desktop application infrastructure. People are simply used to having their solutions available right on their desktop workstations. Even if they’re gaining ground, concepts like cloud computing, document sharing, and collaboration are all relatively recent developments in the business world. It will still be some time before these concepts are fully recognized and accepted.

The modern business’s technology infrastructure is changing to adapt to a demand for an increasingly-mobile, highly collaborative work environment. Having access to critical software solutions while in the office isn’t enough anymore. Executives and employees alike want access to their data and applications at all times, and it’s this drive for mobility that’s fueling the cloud-based application revolution. Therefore, if you want to be at the forefront of the competition, you need to take measures now and begin the assimilation process as soon as possible.

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