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Business Phone Services In Orlando

Are Your Business Phones Failing You?

Business Phone Services In Orlando & Central Florida

Whether you’re unable to make calls when and where you need to, or you’re just tired of the lack of support you get from your current vendor, then it’s time to make a change.

Are you putting up with ineffective phones? Whether you…

  • Can’t make or receive business calls from your home office,
  • Can’t make or receive business calls through your smartphone,
  • Can’t get the support you need from your current phone vendor,

…the point is that your business phones are failing you. Communication is far too important to your daily business processes to put up with an ineffective phone system.

Is it time for you to make a change? We recommend a Hosted VoIP solution…

Business Phone Services In Orlando

What Is Hosted VoIP?

A Hosted VoIP system uses cloud-based technology over your existing internet connection to provide telephone system functionality for making and receiving calls. Voice and data hosting, also referred to as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is essentially phone and data hosting over the Internet.

Instead of using an on-premise phone system, which requires lots of hardware and on-premise maintenance, you pay a monthly amount to a voice and data hosting company to provide features, updates, and maintenance for a business phone system over the Internet.

Introducing SemTech Connect: Business Phone Services In Orlando

With SemTech Connect, we give you the tools and features you need to enhance your business communications for improved growth and success. This feature-rich business phone services offers:

  • Call Center Services: These features allow you to set up and rely on a call center of agents that receive incoming calls from a queue. Additional features allow agents to pause calls and manage their workload.
    • Call Conferencing: Bring an entire team together on one call with Conference Bridges or 3-Way Conference Calls.
    • Call Management: SemTech Connect offers a vast array of call management features, from Auto Attendant Answering to Call Forwarding, and Caller ID to Voicemail to Email/Text Message. Every feature you’ve come to expect of modern phones is available to you on this service.
    • Origination And Termination: No matter where you’re calling from or where you’re calling to, SemTech Connect offers local phone numbers and competitive rates.
    • Reporting: Track vital data and documentation such as accounts receivable, invoices, revenue, call traffic, and other logging details on a per-customer basis to help inform your customer relationship management efforts.
  • Mobile VoIP: SemTech Connect’s Mobile VoIP capabilities turn your mobile phone into your mobile office. Utilize features like office extension, extension-to-extension dialing, Caller ID, and more to increase productivity while pulling together voice, chat, video, and other services to support your mobile workforce.
  • Customer Portal: Manage all your customers, billing, templates and other SemTech Connect services via a user-friendly customer portal.

Call Your Business Phone Services Team At SemTech

The move to a Hosted VoIP solution like SemTech Connect offers improvements in efficiency, reliability, and quality, all at an affordable cost. Landline phones are becoming obsolete – by choosing to remain with a landline system, you may become obsolete as well.


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