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Security You Need for Your Business Technology

If you’re looking for Lenovo support, you need a trusted IT services partner that is willing to wade in and help determine what your business needs to be successful.  

Lenovo Business Security

Your business thrives on having the right tools for the job, and that includes your business computers and servers. It doesn’t take a major ransomware attack to discover how important your technology infrastructure is to your productivity — a simple afternoon without power due to some local electrical work can illustrate the challenges quite effectively. From frustrated staff members to customers that are unable to get the answers that they want in a timely manner, the success of today’s businesses is determined by computing power. A slow-moving network or ongoing problems with consistency may be the barely-visible frustrations that are chipping away at your revenue. It’s frightening to think that your business platforms could easily fall victim to ransomware. Thousands of organizations are turning to trusted IT services providers to help reduce the risk of cyberattack by providing a more secure and dependable foundation for their business systems.

Advanced Threats Are Growing in 2019

The advances in machine learning technology represent an amazing opportunity for businesses, but they also are offering hackers some prime options for infiltrating organizations. Adversarial machine learning capabilities are being leveraged by cybercriminals to find the weak spot in your business defenses and quickly build an exploit that can be difficult to evade. In a simplified scenario, cybercriminals may be leveraging these techniques to slip their phishing emails past your malware detectors while advanced threats could become much more malicious. With studies from Juniper showing that nearly half of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses, due to the perception that these organizations may not be fully up to speed with their security procedures.

Protecting Small Businesses from Threats

Aside from ensuring that all of your Lenovo server and business machines have all current patches and updates applied, there are a variety of ways that businesses can protect against becoming a statistic. As threats coalesce in the US, businesses will need to continually invest in cybersecurity to reduce the risk of massive loss due to an attack. Attempting to maintain a high level of security without support can be an extremely expensive proposition, as small-scale cybersecurity software suites are no longer enough. Juniper’s strategic analysis of 48 leading cybersecurity companies shows that AI and predictive analytics are now table stakes for this market”, remarked research author James Moar. “These technologies need to be made available to all businesses, regardless of size”. The threat landscape continues to evolve, making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to afford the level of effort required to fully protect their organization without the external support of an IT services partner.

How Lenovo Supports Business Security

Lenovo is the top brand for business machines for many reasons, not the least of which is the level of security offered by the machines. With 2018 and 2019 turning into banner years for security breaches, Lenovo rolled out a new solution called ThinkShield that addresses the end-to-end security needs of the modern organization. From protecting user identity and credentials to protecting users online, your Lenovo machines are more secure than ever before. Even with the best platforms available, your business machines are only as secure as the maintenance that they receive on a regular basis. It’s vital that you not only apply patches and software upgrades to each computer and server, but that you also invest in active monitoring to reduce the possibility of an attack and allow for quick remediation of any vulnerabilities.

Having the right support for your Lenovo business machines means working with a team that understands the technology. At SemTech IT Solutions, our professionals are fully trained in the maintenance and best practices for key server and computer platforms from Lenovo and other key manufacturers. This ensures that we are able to make proactive recommendations that will help your business move forward with a fast and secure infrastructure. Contact us today at 407-329-5126 to learn more about our IT services offerings or reach out to us online at to schedule your free initial consultation.


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