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Does Your Current In-house IT Department Need Back Up?

Does Your Current In-house IT Department Need Back Up?

Does Your Current In-house IT Department Need Back Up?

Is your in-house IT team struggling to keep up with your needs as an organization? Are they failing to meet tight deadlines? Discover how you can give them a helping hand.

Not only is the IT realm vast, but it also advances at an astonishing rate. It would be best if you had IT support that keeps you at par with all the latest business IT developments. This means your IT team must have a varied skillset as well as a wealth of experience.

Briefly put, comprehensive IT support is hardly a one-person job. SemTech IT firmly believes that teamwork holds the key to a secure, reliable IT network.

As an Orlando-based IT Services Company working with Central Florida businesses for nearly a decade now, we’ve come across a worrying trend. Unfortunately, most of the company representatives we speak with are dissatisfied with their IT department. And despite each having their concerns, the bottom line is that they need someone to bail them out.

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So, why don’t they just outsource their IT to a third-party vendor? Well, like you, they aren’t quite sure they are ready to lose the benefits of having an internal IT department. We get that. But unknown to most of them, a third option is designed to cater to their unique needs.

You Don’t Have to Be “all-In” or “all-Out” When it Comes to IT Services: While those are the two most popular options with many companies today, you shouldn’t feel limited by them. We are willing to meet you in the middle. How? Through co-managed IT services. Over the past few years, companies are now shifting in great numbers towards this handy third alternative.

Our team of qualified IT professionals came up with this short article to shed light on the co-managed benefits. However, to paint an accurate picture, we’ll start by looking at the pros and cons of internal IT support.

Choosing your organization’s IT support is arguably one of the most significant decisions you have to make. It could make or break your business. Before making any call, you need to critically weigh all your options to avoid regretting anything down the line. But we realize doing it all on your own can be a hassle. So, let’s break it down for you.

What Are the Advantages of Internal IT Support?

  • You Have Greater Control: Having an IT team devoted to your business allows you to control aspects such as time, work quality, task prioritization, etc. Consequently, you suffer shorter downtimes thanks to solutions that follow your preferred processes.
  • You Can Save More: Although maintaining an in-house IT team is typically more expensive than outsourcing, there are limited cases whereby insourcing can be more affordable. For example, unlike an IT company, an internal IT department would solve unforeseen issues without billing extra charges.
  • It’s Convenient: Perhaps the most important feature of in-house IT support, you can call in your IT person whenever you meet a challenge.

What Are the Drawbacks of Internal IT Support?

  • It’s Expensive: Experienced IT professionals are not cheap. Hiring them could cost up to twice the fee you’d pay an IT company to complete the same task.
  • Your Network is at Risk: Who looks after your network security when your IT staff clock out after regular business hours?
  • You Have Limited Access to Professional Expertise: The harsh reality is that most internal IT departments lack the human resources and technical know-how needed to deliver reliable solutions.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-management refers to partnering with a managed IT services provider to augment your internal IT department’s availability and capabilities.

It’s aimed at supplementing rather than replacing your IT department altogether. You get to choose how roles are split between your in-house team and the IT Company.

Why Choose Co-Managed IT Services? To find out if co-management would be a good fit for your business, go through this checklist:

  • Does your internal team lack the necessary technical know-how for handling your general IT strategy?
  • Do you need help with routine tasks like software updates, data back-ups so your in-house team can focus on complex projects?
  • Are you scaling up?
  • Are you concerned about your network security?
  • Does one of your organization’s remote branches need quality IT support?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s clear your IT department is falling short. You need to consider co-managed IT seriously.

Ready For Reliable Co-Managed IT Services From SemTech IT?

Insourcing and outsourcing aren’t mutually exclusive. Let our team offer yours the help they urgently need. Contact us now to schedule your first co-management consultation.


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