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Orlando Law Firm Digital Threats

Why Orlando Law Firms Must Overcome Evolving Digital Threats

Is Your Orlando Law Firm Equipped to Overcome These Evolving Threats?

Legal professionals are facing an unprecedented challenge to the security of their organization in the form of malware, hacking and internal threats — so get ready.  

It’s difficult to read an article or turn on the news today without hearing about another data breach in a major organization, and the millions of Americans that are affected each year by identity theft. While these big cases make the nightly news cycle, what you don’t hear about are the thousands of breaches and malware attacks that small to mid-size organizations suffer from — and the devastating effect that these attacks have on the businesses. The cost of remediation and security patches, notification to clients and security technicians can reach into the millions of dollars. There’s also the possibility that your firm will be the target of a lawsuit or compliance charges related to the breach if the government (or your clients!) don’t feel as though you’ve placed enough emphasis on cybersecurity. Is your law firm fully equipped to stand strong against the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape?

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Beware Digital Espionage

You’ve seen it on a million television shows and movies: someone sneaking into an organization in the dead of night and logging into a corporate computer. While these wannabe criminals are surprisingly deft at selecting a password within a few minutes, the real-life strategies are not entirely different — and much more frightening. If your staff members are reusing passwords on different websites or taking other risky moves, it’s all too easy for a quick-witted individual to “borrow” their password and gain entry to the deepest recesses of your digital files. Combat this situation by encouraging staff to use password managers such as LastPass or 1 Password, as they allow you to create a different, highly secure password for each site that you visit. This tech is becoming extremely popular in the legal realm, but lawyers from small firms are lagging more than 7 points behind large-firm lawyers in adoption.

Ransomware Makes a Comeback

While trojans remain the largest threat to organizations storing sensitive information, ransomware made a major comeback in Q1 2019 with a staggering 195% increase according to Malwarebytes. What is most frightening about this type of malware is the ease with which it can destroy your organization’s access to your critical business systems and data. It only takes a single click by one well-meaning staff member to send your business into a tailspin — especially if you don’t have a security strategy in places that helps mitigate the effects of the malware and allows you to quickly restore access to your information backups.

While the threats facing law firms will continue to evolve, having a secure technology infrastructure will provide a wealth of benefits for your law firm both now and in the future. When you work with a technology partner that truly understands your business and the specific challenges facing law offices, you are one step closer to the level of security that you need to be successful. At SemTech IT Solutions, we make a point to stay in close contact with our clients so we can inform you of any new threats within your particular industry. Contact our knowledgeable legal IT professionals today at 407-329-5126 or learn more about our services for law firms and request your free initial consultation online.


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