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Law Firm Data Security

How to Effectively Safeguard Sensitive Client Information and Documents

Is Your Law Firm’s Data And System Secure?

You can’t afford to find out you have cybersecurity gaps when you face cyberattacks or malicious malware.

Law Firm Data Security

Data Security For Orlando Law Firms

The security of your legal clients is one of your primary concerns as a firm. It is an understatement to say that legal firms handle a lot of documentation and data. Those communication records, legal documents, case information, medical forms and other parts of the paper trail form an immense file for each client. Logistically, most firms have found digitalizing their documents to make the process of storing, retrieving and utilizing the files more efficient. The shift of storage to be technological (and not physical) has also caused a shift in security focus. While firms used to rely on their building security, locks and guards, they now have to shore up on their cybersecurity.

Data breaches increased by 130% between 2006-2019, according to the 2019 Ponemon report.

The Threat of Cyber Attack and Data Loss for Legal Offices

From malware attacks to hacked systems, cybersecurity breaches can lead to disastrous results for a law firm. In 2017, the DLA Piper offices were attacked and the firm suffered from weeks of disruption, shutdowns, lost business and recovery costs that cost millions.

The legal industry is a prime target for cyber-attacks because of the highly confidential data they store for clients. Sensitive data like this can be very valuable on the dark web and many hackers hope firms themselves will pay ransoms when attacked. These attacks could come from problematic links or attachments sent in emails, corrupted USB drives, insecure remote desktop applications and more.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Law Firms in Central Florida and Orlando

Hiring outside IT services for law firms means getting at an extra team to audit your security and help shore up any weaknesses. Perhaps you need better training for cybersecurity practices among partners, interns and employees in order to avoid common human errors that lead to cybersecurity issues. Policies may need to be examined and updated on what employees can or cannot do from various remote devices. Or you might need to update some of your equipment or software. Updates might need to be done for the latest patches to keep your firm secure. Your firm may need a better emergency plan in place or a recovery strategy established. You might need help with secure data storage, file sharing or backup services. A professional on call 24-7 to help with any emergency situations or concerns will mean you aren’t just relying on your in-house tech if something big pops up.

Hiring Knowledgeable Legal IT Professionals

Above all, you need experts that understand legislative IT compliance. Hire professionals that have experience and expertise in the legal field. Your team should be your outside eyes; watching for any changes at local or federal levels and helping you adapt. As things shift in the cyber world, your team will be able to proactively recommend updates or changes in your cyber practices. From awareness training to firewalls, hire IT managed services to fit the needs of your firm.

The Costs of Data Breach for Legal Firms

According to Ponemon, the length of data breaches and malicious attacks have increased. An attack that lasts longer than 200 days costs at least $4.56 million versus $3.34 million it would cost companies when the attack is under 200 days. Not only do attacks cost directly to fix, but they can also carry fines, settlements with clients and more. Additionally, the firm reputation is heavily impacted by the loss of trust that comes with a cybersecurity breach or attack.

Law firms and companies alike are facing large fines and settlements when their sensitive data is compromised. Hardware flaws in all major devices can lead to malicious cyberattacks. Outdated firewalls, uninformed employees and poorly patched operating systems are common struggles for firms that lead to increased risk of cyberattacks. Planning ahead can avoid a disastrous security problem down the road.

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