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Enhancements to Your Microsoft Teams Desktop Sharing Experience 

Enhancements to Your Microsoft Teams Desktop Sharing Experience

Work doesn’t slow down just because your team members are accessing files remotely. In fact — we just might be pushing through more projects and decisions than ever before! Advanced collaboration tools help form the basis for successful project management and decision-making. Microsoft Teams continues to be a leader in the online collaboration space, with integrated tools superior security and proactive support. The most recent upgrade to the Microsoft collaboration suite includes improved in-meeting share functionality that will enhance the “in-person” feel for remote teams.

Creating Consistent Experiences for Teams

It can be difficult to recreate the same feeling of connection for teams that are geographically diverse. With the deep integrations to both the Windows and Mac platforms as well as the complete Microsoft 365 suite of solutions, the newest evolution of Microsoft Teams is able to deliver an interface that boosts efficiency and security for your staff.

Using Microsoft Whiteboard or PowerPoint with your Teams platform will be easier than ever, as the upgrade rolls out in mid-February or mid-March 2021. This upgraded design for the user interface makes it simpler to see what you are sharing, ensuring users on both sides of the monitor have an exceptional experience.

Reviewing and Assessing Your Needs

If you are not currently utilizing Microsoft Teams, now may be the ideal team to review with your SemTech IT partners. With the many upgrades to this solution over the past 12-18 months, you might be surprised to find how seamless it feels to utilize Microsoft Teams over competing products. Our team will work with you to ensure you are taking full advantage of your Microsoft 365 suite of applications, offering everything from desktop software to mobile applications to fit the unique needs of your organization and workflow.

Our technical experts are always looking for ways to enhance operations throughout your business, and this particular change will need to be addressed at the user level before you can take advantage of the upgrades.

Contact our team today for a quick review of your current Microsoft 365 usage needs and to see if there are solutions that are already part of your subscription that could be configured to save your team’s time and effort — all while improving employee satisfaction and productivity.