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Herding Cats is Harder Than it Looks [VIDEO]

Herding cats is a business term used to describe the task of organizing and controlling entities like people and systems known for being uncontrollable and even chaotic. Due to the unpredictable and independent nature of felines, cat herding captures the idea of controlled chaos perfectly. Does running your business feel like you’re working on a cat ranch?

There are several feline traits that translate well into the world of business. Cats are confident, cute, and agile. Cats are also extremely territorial and independent creatures, which makes the task of gathering cats together for the purpose of accomplishing a single goal (cat herding) nearly impossible.

In 2010, IKEA did some cat herding of their own when their marketing department had the bright idea to release 100 house cats inside of one of their warehouse-sized furniture stores and film the results. Meow, as you can imagine, the final version of the advertisement is mega-cute and makes you want to go, “Awww.”

The logistics of coordinating such a feline-filled effort was a major project for all those involved, which included a team of animal handlers and five film crews. Maintenance crews were also required in order to rescue bewildered cats that took refuge behind IKEA’s particleboard walls. You can see the creative process for yourself in IKEA’s making of video called “Herding Cats.”

The correlation for your business is that leading a project and getting all of your people and resources organized in order to achieve a single goal, can sometimes feel like a chaotic cat-herding experience–but it doesn’t have to. SemTech IT Solutions specializes in solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your company. Whether it be recommending a new technology that makes operations easier, or totally revamping your company’s systems with our turnkey business management solutions, SemTech IT Solutions can equip your business with the herding tools you need to organize your company’s chaos and get everything moving in the direction you want it to go.

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