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How To Talk To Customers About Smart HVAC Technology

Tips For Talking To Customers About Smart HVAC Technology

There’s been a lot of talk about the Internet of Things. Many people don’t know what it is or what it can do, and they certainly don’t know that it’s already here. Are your customers aware of how smart technology can improve their HVAC user experience?

The Internet of Things is the term that refers to the interconnectivity of everyday things using light sensors, network connectivity, actuators, and so on. If you have a “smart home” device that lets you unlock the door to your home from your smartphone or remotely move your thermostat up or down, you are already using the Internet of Things.

That said, as a member of the HVAC industry, there’s a good chance you’re already integrating smart technology into the products you deliver to customers. Do you know how to make sure your customers understand the benefits and risks of smart technology?

The Pros And Cons Of Smart HVAC Technology

When you apply smart capabilities to HVAC technology, you can deliver a range of features and benefits to your customers:

  • Integration with smart home hubs, allowing for voice-activated control, automation and scheduling capabilities
  • Greater efficiency in climate control and system management, with collected data available for analysis in order to optimize the system
  • Integration of additional sensors to achieve a more accurate and consistent climate throughout the residence or business

However, with these benefits comes a considerable security concern. Aspects of product security and lifecycle are often treated as an afterthought at best in the development and production of these products. The bottom line is that any devices connected to the network need to be secured.

If these devices aren’t safeguarded, there’s a lot of potential consequences resulting from hackers:

  • Capturing information traveling through the network.
  • Turning off the refrigerator, alarm system, etc.
  • Changing the temperature of the house.

What Do You Need To Tell Your Customers About Smart HVAC Technology?

  • Ask them what they want to learn – Don’t bother preparing and delivering an overlong explanation about smart technology if the customer isn’t interested. Find out what they’re interested in knowing, and go from there.
  • Start with the basics – Keep in mind that your customer may have little to no experience with technology. No matter how ubiquitous technology may seem in the modern age, there are still plenty of people who struggle with the basics.
  • Use accessible language – Make sure you only use non-technical words when explaining the system. You’re an expert with HVAC technology; the customer probably isn’t. Don’t overload the explanation with technical jargon.
  • Talk benefits, not features – Frame everything in terms of what it means for the customers’ experience. They don’t want to know about how the sensors work – they want to know that they provide more accurate and consistent control of the climate throughout the building.
  • Make sure they understand – You’re not done until they confirm that they understand. Follow up at the end of the conversation to see if they have any questions, and that they understand what you were trying to communicate.

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