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What Are The IT Managed Services Orlando Businesses Should Invest In?

IT Managed Services Orlando Businesses Should Invest In

Before engaging in a discussion about which IT managed services Orlando area businesses would be best served to invest in, it’s essential to recognize why outsourcing remains a necessity.

Depending on the size and resources of your organization, different pressure points exist. For example, start-up company leaders often put too much on their plate. The underlying reason tends to be the perception that not directing revenue toward outsourcing essential services helps secure revenue. Larger organizations have a tendency to believe in-house technicians can deliver all of the operation’s IT needs. Both of these models can lead to self-inflicted wounds.

Invest In Laser-Focused IT Expertise

Entrepreneurs who take on IT responsibilities quickly discover they lose focus on the very reasons they are ready to build a successful company. And, businesses with in-house technicians are faced with swelling payrolls for employees that cannot keep pace with cutting-edge technology or evolving cybersecurity threats.

“Many businesses make the mistake of only considering outsourcing when they reach capacity, using it purely as a way to handle the overflow of work. One of the major benefits of outsourcing is not quick and easy access to an extra pair of hands, however. Rather, it is how skilled those extra hands are,” workplace solutions consultant Steve Mayne stated in Entrepreneur magazine. “When you outsource work, you are handing it over to an expert who can give it 100 percent focus. You might be a fantastic entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you’re a great writer or designer or IT pro. If you embrace outsourcing, you don’t need to be. Simply hand specialist tasks over to the specialists.”

While in-house staff members can add value to resolving computer glitches and running antivirus software, acquiring enterprise-level IT managed services Orlando businesses need requires outsourcing.

Invest in Heightened Cybersecurity Deterrence

Perhaps no IT service deserves greater investment than cybersecurity. That’s largely because the average monetary cost per data breach has spiked in recent years.

According to a 2019 Security Intelligence report, the average loss suffered as a result of a data breach was $3.92 million on average. That figure has been on the rise since 2014, increasing by 12 percent over five years. But the most expensive losses from data breaches occurred in the U.S. where companies suffered a stunning $8.19 million in losses on average. American organizations appear to be struggling with more than double the financial losses as companies in other countries.

The inherent problem with relying on in-house team members stems from the fact they are commonly overburdened from resolving issues for other employees to buoy your productivity. Cybersecurity expertise requires ongoing training and awareness about the latest tactics hackers are deploying.

At no fault of their own, your staff members simply do not have the time necessary to stay ahead of the cybercrime curve. The IT managed services Orlando businesses need require a cutting-edge knowledge about imminent cyber-attacks. Anything less could cripple your organization.

Outsourced IT Managed Services Orlando Businesses Trust

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