Cloud Services

Cloud initiatives are forecast to account for 70% of tech investments by 2020. It is no more a question of if but how and when to shift to a business model that takes advantage of the numerous benefits of cloud services. We can help.


What Specific Cloud Services SemTech Offers

We deliver enterprise-level cloud services enabling your business to take advantage of added computing options. You don’t need to spend big money on buying cutting-edge hardware, IT infrastructure, and expensive software licenses. We provide all you need to get the job done within our cloud service package options.

SemTech IT Solutions offers the following hosted solutions

  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Email Filtering/Spam Protection
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Hosted Security and Backup
  • Hosted Applications

Is It Advantageous to Move My Business to the Cloud?

Businesses are moving to the cloud at a tremendous pace, taking advantage of cloud-based apps and IT infrastructure with the global cloud services market reaching $325.1 billion in 2018. The cloud services market will nearly double in the years to come, topping $528 billion by 2022 with small and medium businesses accounting for the bulk part of the cloud services in use.

Cloud services cover the entire spectrum of IT solutions for running a successful business – from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and virtualization services.

Hosted applications are the fastest-growing cloud services segment due to a growing number of businesses are shifting to hosting applications in the cloud, reducing IT support and maintenance costs while boosting their productivity and service availability.

Five Biggest Challenges with On-premise Software

  • Maintain the entire IT infrastructure
  • Cover ongoing costs for servers, power supply, and space
  • Maintain regulatory compliance in-house
  • Secure storage resources and data
  • Secure business continuity

How Cloud Services Help Expand Your Business and Reduce Costs

When you manage all the above processes in-house, you face risks associated with improper IT management or human errors that can ruin your business or lead to costly downtimes. Cloud-based solutions such as those that SemTech IT Solutions is offering mitigate these risks while enabling you to focus on your core business.

Running on-premise IT infrastructure comprising of hardware and software results in higher CapEx costs taking away company funds you can invest in other business-critical initiatives. Moving to the cloud enables you to shift to an OpEx approach where you pay a monthly fee for one or more cloud services you get. Thus, you are able to spend company cash reserves on expanding your business more rapidly.

Cybersecurity and disaster recovery are other fields where cloud services offer marked advantages. Securing business continuity through data backups and different data recovery options is almost impossible for SMBs that lack the required IT infrastructure and expert IT staff. Cloud-based solutions can back up your databases automatically while hosted service providers take care of all software updates and patches to secure your applications in the cloud.

As a result, most cloud solutions aimed at small and medium-sized business generate better ROI as compared to the in-house solutions that only a large corporation can afford.

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