Ransomware Recovery In Orlando

Discover the sobering statistics about the frequency and impact of ransomware cyberattacks in Florida and how to keep your business protected and secure

Remarkable Surge in Ransomware Attacks Calls for Proactive Security Technology


Discover the sobering statistics about the frequency and impact of ransomware cyberattacks in Florida and how to keep your business protected and secure

“Ransomware Attacks On Businesses Are Skyrocketing”

So proclaimed a recent PCmag.com article that raises eyebrows. The statistics on ransomware in 2020 are chilling, leading many businesses to pursue services for ransomware recovery in Orlando.


What Are the Statistics on Ransomware?

According to a recent study by Malwarebytes cited in the article, 53 percent of all attacks worldwide are targeting U.S. computers. What’s worse, in the second quarter of 2019, the anti-virus maker saw a 363 percent increase year over year in attempted attacks on business clients that run its software.

The data show a sizable shift in targeting, with potential ransomware attacks targeting businesses nearly exceeding consumer attacks for the first time in June 2019 (1.4 million business attacks versus 1.6 million consumer attacks). By contrast, in August 2018, there were 5.7 million consumer attacks compared to just 32,000 targeting businesses.

Orlando’s business leaders are painfully aware of the impact of ransomware attacks in the state. Deland’s Direct Data Corp. had all its customer files, records and 20 years of content encrypted in an attack, forcing president Richard Peterson to pay costly fees to have the files decrypted. TrialWorks, a leading provider of electronic records software for law firmswas attacked, crippling the South Florida company’s clients.


Florida Businesses and Cities Increasingly Targeted by Ransomware

Some businesses, such as Tampa radio station WMNF, refuse to pay, though the cost is significant: The station’s audio archives may be permanently lost.

Businesses are not alone as municipalities are also increasingly being attacked. In mid-2019, major ransomware attacks hit Lake City, Riviera Beach and Stuart, resulting in ransoms of $480,000 ad $600,000 being paid by the first two communities to regain access to systems. In December 2019, the city of Pensacola lost control of online payment systems, telephone and email systems, and internet servers.


Why Are Ransomware Attacks So Disruptive?

Ransomware attacks are effective because they are thorough and difficult to resolve. Among the key issues are:

  • Attackers can use virtually unbreakable encryption tools
  • All file types can be encrypted
  • Attackers can change file extensions
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are untraceable
  • Some attackers do not release files even after payment is made
  • Attackers put a time limit on threats, creating urgency that restricts choices for many attacked companies
  • Attacked companies that do not put in place protections can be attacked again
  • Attacked companies face reputational losses along with financial losses

How Can We Prevent Cyberattacks?

To secure your company against potentially devastating ransomware attacks, contact SemTech IT Solutions. Our comprehensive cybersecurity tools provide a blanket of protections on all aspects of your technology. Our tools include:

  • Initial and Regular Security Assessments. These evaluations help us identify vulnerabilities and recommend solutions
  • Proactive Managed Security Services. Our 24/7/365 monitoring solutions protect your network perimeter, detecting unwanted activity quickly before issues arise
  • Security Awareness Training. Human error is a common cause of cyberattacks. Education, simulated attacks on training help keep employees aware
  • Device Management. Encryption, password policies and multifactor authentication keep devices protected
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Virus Software

To learn more about SemTech IT Solutions security tools, contact us today.

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