IT Services PLUS Imaging Solutions

Looking for a partner who can provide all the support that an in house IT department would?


Businesses Need the Total Office IT Support Service Package

Professionals use sophisticated technology to get the job done. Beyond the word processing applications used by previous generations, professionals now incorporate advanced technology solutions, including cloud collaboration software, encrypted communication channels, and increased cybersecurity measures to prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential data. Each element needs to work flawlessly for maximum uptime, needs to work together for seamless communication, and needs to be secure to protect your business from breach or data loss. How do modern businesses achieve full-scale IT support services for their IT environment?

SemTech has the bandwidth to provide all the technical support your business requires. From copiers and fax machines to complex virtualized infrastructure builds, we have someone who specializes in the technology you use every day. If it plugs into the wall or into your network, we can help you with its implementation or management.


Does Your Current IT Support Company Have A Deep Background in Printers, Copiers, and Other Standard Office Equipment?

Because SemTech was born out of an office technology company’s desire to care for the IT support needs of their clients, we cover both the IT side of things as well as advising, implementing, and maintaining the imaging solutions that are leveraged by our clients. By partnering with our team, you get one phone number to call for any IT or imaging systems problem.


What Office Technology Can Managed IT Services Providers Support?

  • Devices like desktop and laptop computers
  • Mobile devices like tablet computers and smartphones
  • Peripherals like copiers, printers and, scanners
  • Software and application updates
  • Data backups
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • VOIP management and support
  • Teleconference solutions
  • Video Surveillance installation and management

What Are the Benefits of Partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider for Complete Office IT Solutions?

The balance of security and stability in a budget-friendly manner is a major challenge shared by modern businesses, and the traditional hours-plus-materials approach often results in a redundant and expensive impact. Managed IT service providers give your business access to a full team of technology specialists.

  • High-level advice for IT-impacted decisions
  • Help with determining budgets for technology
  • Stable systems
  • Dependable uptime
  • Friendly IT support
  • Fortification for business processes
  • Single Vendor for all of our office Technology
  • Reduced IT costs by having one vendor

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