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Cybersecurity and remote capabilities are technology solutions Orlando organizations need. Outsourcing to managed IT experts can deliver increased benefits.


Effective Technology Solutions Orlando Businesses Rely On

Cybersecurity and remote capabilities are technology solutions Orlando organizations need. Outsourcing to managed IT experts can deliver increased benefits.

When entrepreneurs and business visionaries create an upstart company, they focus on things such as goal achievement and sustained profitability. It doesn’t make sense for business leaders to get bogged down in small details. Motivating all the participants and funneling all the moving parts in a single direction requires a laser focus.

That’s one of the primary reasons that determined small businesses outsource their managed IT needs. At SemTech IT Solutions, our team of experienced professionals delivers cost-effective services for small and growing companies in the Winter Park and Central Florida area. These are technology solutions Orlando businesses can gain by outsourcing to an experienced third-party IT professional.


Cybersecurity Among Top Technology Solutions Orlando Businesses Need

Recent surveys indicate that small and upstart businesses are more focused on perceived profit-driving technologies than cybersecurity. When the technology solutions Orlando organizations utilize do not reinforce top-tier cybersecurity, they become increasingly vulnerable. Yet, a recent CNBC|SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey indicates nearly half of small businesses are not prioritizing protection.

“Investing in technology is top of mind for small business owners — with 44 percent saying they plan to invest in resources related to the Internet of Things, or IoT-connected devices, for their business in 2020,” CNBC reports. “That’s more than twice the number who say they plan to invest in cybersecurity software (20 percent).”

One of the common misconceptions about business network breaches is that hackers are mainly targeting large corporations. In reality, those massive data breaches make headlines while small business incursions go relatively unreported. Consider the following cybersecurity statistics and how they could impact a Florida small business.

  • Cybercriminals disseminate 94 percent of malware through ordinary bulk email
  • Upwards of 61 percent of organizations suffer an IoT cybersecurity incident
  • Businesses lose an average 3,000 from a single ransomware attack
  • Approximately 64 percent of Americans have not vetted endpoint or business devices for data breaches

As more outfits shift to remote workforces and implement Bring Your Own Device policies, bad actors uncover vulnerabilities. Simply put, either decision-makers prioritize cybersecurity, or they become the low hanging fruit.


Remote Workforce A Game-Changing Technology Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing business disruption taught industry leaders a valuable lesson. Having a Cloud-based network allows growing businesses to cost-effectively budget based on their bandwidth and seasonal usage. It also delivers the enhanced benefit of having a remote workforce in place during a crisis.

Platforms such as Microsoft Teams that allow organizations to work on joint projects wirelessly saw a surge in users during the pandemic. Forbes reports that “As of March 20, 58 percent of American knowledge workers were working at home, an unprecedented proportion.” Remote workforce applications were already a growth industry due to benefits such as the following.

  • Professionals favor positions with part- or full-time work from home options
  • Small businesses gain access to a talent pool without borders
  • Improves productivity due to less frequent sick days
  • Cloud-based systems less costly than adding expensive hardware

By implementing an actionable remote workforce strategy, small businesses can level the competitive playing field. As a technology solution, Florida’s growing companies to lower IT costs, overhead, and can bring in motivated and talented people that deliver innovation. It’s one of the get-ahead technology solutions Orlando area outfits cannot afford to pass up.


SemTech IT Solutions Delivers Determined Technology Problem Solving

At SemTech IT Solutions, our team of experienced professionals understands that technology remains a valuable and evolving tool that allows upstart organizations to achieve goals. By approaching managed IT as a way to solve problems and promote growth, we work diligently with entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Winter Park and the Central Florida area to deliver solutions that serve your interests. Contact SemTech IT Solutions for a consultation.

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