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Make Your Chromebook Shine With These Two Easy Tips

Mobile devices are designed for different purposes than the big, bulky desktops are. The Chrome operating system of the Google Chromebook is a perfect example of this – it looks like nothing but a browser with a keyboard. Sure, it can’t do everything a real computer can do, but it sure can do a lot more than some people give it credit for.

Although desktop and traditional laptop prices have been decreasing over the years, a brand new Chromebook costs a couple hundred bucks, and comes with all of the perks of accessing the Internet. Additionally, you can download all of the entertainment and productivity apps that fill the Chrome Web Store to your heart’s content. Because of the price and versatility, schools all over the world are purchasing Chromebooks in bulk for their classrooms.

Here are just two of the many tips you can take advantage of to make the most out of your Chromebook:

Since When Do Folders Have Zippers?
Much like a normal computer, a Chromebook gives you the ability to unzip files, but it should be noted that you cannot extract the contents of a zip file to your PC like you would a regular computer. Instead, you have to use Google Drive. Double click the zip file to access the files and copy them to Drive.

Zipping a file is relatively easy. Select the files you want zipped and move them to a single archive folder. Then, you must take that folder, and drag, and drop it into the Downloads folder. Only files in the Downloads folder can be zipped up by right-clicking them, and then going to Zip selection. The files must be in the Downloads folder if you want the Zip selection to work.

Use Your Real PC Programs Remotely
Contrary to what many people think, a Chromebook is useful for much more than just a browser. In fact, it is completely possible to access a program on your PC by using your Chromebook.

All you need is access to the Chrome Web Store to take advantage of this feature. Just download the Chrome Remote Desktop application, and you’ll be able to access most of your PC’s apps remotely through your Chromebook. Unfortunately, the Chromebook has some trouble with video files and other media, but it should run Microsoft Office or other similar productivity applications, and it should be able to get the job done easily enough. Plus, setup couldn’t be any easier! All you need to do is install the application on both your PC and your Chromebook, and enter the six-digit PIN provided by Chromebook’s remote desktop app into your PC.

Sure, it’s not the same thing as having a full-powered PC at your disposal, but a Chromebook is really handy for its price. Therefore, you want to get the most out of what you paid for. Instead of dishing out half of your budget on new technologies, call the tech professionals at SemTech IT Solutions. We’ll find new ways to use your technology so you can get more bang for your buck.


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