What Can I Expect With SemTech’s Managed IT Services Program in Orlando?

Businesses recognize the importance of partnering with a reputable Managed IT Services in Orlando, Sanford, and Central Florida. The main aim is to customize their workflow and provide them with their ideal IT working environment. When a client has found the IT support team for them, they often wonder what is involved in the onboarding process. With time being of the essence, companies don’t have time to waste with lengthy screening times. Nevertheless, they still want to feel the IT firm they have chosen is willing to make the necessary space to invest in learning. That’s because it is crucial to understand who they are as a business and what their goals are.


Primarily, SemTech IT Solutions simplifies the onboarding process into an efficient series of steps. It helps us gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. Therefore, we can swiftly address the best route to optimizing their IT assets to promote the achievement of their operational objectives.

SemTech’s Unique Managed IT Services Process in Orlando

  • We Get a Call
  • Schedule an Onsite Visit
  • Have An Engineer Do an Assessment of Their IT Infrastructure
  • Present Information/Quote
  • The Client Makes a Choice to Go With SemTech
  • Remediate Any Gaps in Security or IT Processes
  • Configure for and Establish Ongoing Management and Maintenance

What are the Steps Involved in Becoming a Client at SemTech IT Solutions?


The Initial Contact

We provide IT Consulting Services in Orlando, contact us to get a service quote. The onboarding process with SemTech IT Solutions begins with a call or email from you to our office. When a prospective client touches base with our team, we schedule an appointment to visit their business. Then, we explore their existing IT infrastructure and estimate its strengths and weaknesses. Armed with this information, we can then begin an interviewing process. Whereby we are able to grasp who you are and what you hope to achieve. This data is invaluable in helping us craft a customized IT support strategy to help each business meet its operational outcomes.


The On-Site Visit

The On-Site Technology Assessment is one of SemTech IT Solutions’ most critical tools for providing insights as to the right IT environment for each business. From the moment a call is received, our staff of friendly technicians works with the prospective client. First of all, we establish a convenient time to visit your business. Then, we have a talk about your technology pain points and meet with the key staff members.


The IT Assessment

We employ several IT engineering professionals who work in tandem with our prospective clients to design their ideal IT working environment. Using the information ascertained in the On-Site Technology Assessment, our engineering staff custom design an IT infrastructure. It is the perfect fit for the client, maintaining focus on functionality, security, and workflow processes. If upgrades to technology assets are required, we outline recommendations in the IT assessment for the client to review.


The Presentation of a Strategy

Once our engineers have completed their IT strategy for a prospective client, we then arrange a second meeting to present and review our recommendations. At this time, our team of IT specialists and engineers address any questions the client may have and implement any suggestions they may make. We have the skills and experience to tailor each client’s IT assets to their industry-specific workflow. Undoubtedly, it is key to promote the achievement of their operational objectives.


The Remediation of Security Gaps

Firstly, the client reviews our recommendations and makes the decision to employ our services. Next, we begin with remediating gaps in the client’s existing IT systems. We identify all vulnerabilities and repair them. Then fortify them with proactive security protocols to ensure our client’s data and networks remain protected.


The Implementation of Daily Monitoring, Management, and Maintenance

SemTech IT Solutions offers ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and management of our client’s IT systems. This proactive approach ensures our valued customers enjoy the benefits of 99.99% uptime and their ideal IT working environment. To provide our clients with ongoing peace of mind, we also schedule monthly on-premise visits and deliver quarterly IT evaluation reports.

Information Technology Aligned With Your Business Goals?

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