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Managed IT Services Orlando

10 Tips To Selecting A Managed IT Support Provider In Orlando

Selecting A Managed IT Support Provider In Orlando

Are you ready to get expert IT services for your Orlando-based company? Find the best team for the job with these ten things to look for in your IT service provider.  

Managed IT Services Orlando

Managed IT Services In Orlando

With advancing technology, cyber threats, and the increasing digitization of business, the days of single-person tech support—or surviving without any tech support—are long gone. Businesses everywhere, including Orlando, are looking for new ways to keep their data secure, their devices running smoothly, and business flowing efficiently. All without breaking the bank. The answer for many small to medium businesses is to outsource IT services from a managed IT service provider. But how do you choose the best company for the job? If you’ve never considered what managed IT support Orlando has to offer, these ten tips will help you find the best managed IT support for your company.

Monthly Contracts

If you’re already feeling hesitant about finding the right managed IT support in Orlando, the last thing you need is a long-term contract with a company you don’t know. Instead, look for companies providing short-term or monthly subscriptions that give you the option of canceling if it isn’t working out. These MSPs will be invested in keeping you happy and your company running smoothly every single day.

Flat-rate pricing

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to IT is finding the budget to cover necessary IT costs. If you come across companies with unpredictable, constantly changing fees, it is time to turn and run the other way. A managed service provider that is invested in your future will also be invested in supporting your budget with flat-rate pricing and clear service schedules and guidelines.

Industry expertise

Not all companies are created equally. And not all industries have the same IT needs. When it comes to selecting the best MSP for your company, look for service providers with industry expertise. Is your company in healthcare, law, or manufacturing? Your managed IT support Orlando should also be experts in your field.

Network cybersecurity

In 2018, 58% of cyberattacks were against small businesses. Not only is cybercrime the fastest growing crime in the U.S., but a single malware or ransomware attack could expose your business to unaffordable recovery costs. While cybersecurity could be one of the most important things your MSP can provide, it goes largely overlooked by many businesses. Find the MSP that offers great cybersecurity support, and you are on track to keep your business absolutely secure.

Local knowledge and availability

Many MSPs provide support for businesses across the country. But when you have an issue that requires onsite support, your options are limited. Finding a local company that can provide quick, onsite availability is invaluable. Next time your printer malfunctions or you need rapid onsite disaster recovery, your local IT team will be there to help.

Wide array of services

If your business is small, you may feel like you really only need IT services in one or two areas of your company. Perhaps you would like some help with firewalls or printing services. Instead of looking just for the service you need, however, invest in a partnership with a company that offers a wide range of IT services. Then, as your needs expand, your IT services can expand with you.

Disaster recovery

The latest statistics indicate that 60% of small companies go out of business within 6 months of experiencing a cyberattack. Why? Most often it is because they are under-protected and the cost of recovering their data is too great. This can be prevented by working with managed IT support Orlando that provides optimal data protection and data recovery. When your data is secure through proper backups and cloud services, the cost of recovery is significantly reduced and your business can be back up and running with minimal downtime.

Customized plans

Much like industry expertise, partnering with a managed service provider that offers customized plans means you are getting exactly what you need, and nothing less. MSPs with customized service plans are looking to provide the most efficient services that will help you maximize your budget and your IT.

Scalable Services

Your business is growing. The trajectory of growth means that in the near future, your IT needs will change. Look for managed IT support Orlando that can grow with you and provide expert support even as your business expands and changes.

Dedicated Support

Working with outsourced services can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. When you find an MSP that offers dedicated support, it means that you will get to know the team that serves you as if they are part of your own in-house team. This helps you and your MSP develop a level of trust and support that you might not otherwise have.

SemTech IT Solutions has been providing expert IT services to Orlando and central Florida-based businesses since 2011. We offer managed services to over 120 different zip codes in central Florida, and make it our goal to provide the best, local IT services for businesses just like yours. Contact us today to learn more about our monthly service plans that are customized to your specific business IT needs.


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