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Global Microsoft Leaders Chime In On Windows 11

Global Microsoft Leaders Chime In On Windows 11

Global Microsoft Leaders Chime In On Windows 11 Although Microsoft indicated that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows, there are business reasons for why it has announced a new version of the Windows platform.

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Cybersecurity and IT Experts Discuss The Cybersecurity Aspects of President Biden’s Speech

Cybersecurity and IT experts have been reflecting on Biden’s recent news conference and addressing concerns about whether real progress will be made after a rising increase in high-profile ransomware attacks. For the majority, the conclusion is: It is too early to tell.

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Light Up Your Summer with These Must-Have Gadgets and Technology

Summer is fast approaching, and while things are not quite back to normal yet, this season doesn’t have to be dull. Whether you’re going to the beach, camping in the wilderness, or lounging around your pool at home, there are several gadgets to make your good times better.

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Top Customer Services Trends in The MSP Business 2021

he MSP trends expected to shape 2021 reflect the interweaving between maturing technologies and emerging developments. As a result, managed service providers can expect to see a continuation of the patterns that shaped 2020, such as the continuing evolution of cloud computing.

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Reasons To Choose Large Monitors For Your Computer

Americans spend an average of 8.5 hours looking at computer screens daily. Considering how much this converts to in a year, it makes sense to choose the best computer monitors. As PCs evolve, screens have also taken new forms and features. The latest obsession is with large screen monitors.

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What Does This New Cybersecurity Crisis Mean for Small Businesses

Even if you have the best firewalls, backup and disaster recovery strategies, password protection, and other security practices in place, the new cybersecurity crisis can make or break a business.

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What is the Technology Solution to Ransomware

Both the government and private sectors have made attempts at ramping up defenses, but there’s still more that needs to be done. The attack on the Colonial Pipeline and the JBS meatpacking operations are representations of the growing cybercrime industry. It’s also an indication that hackers have exponential potential to inflict pain and make profits […]

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Legal Technology: What Is It and How Does It Help?

Legal technology refers to the use of technology and software in the provision of legal services. In 2018, the legal technology industry experienced a whirlwind of changes as news broke about Avvo’s sale to Internet Brands. Since then, legal tech news has been all over, and for good reasons.

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The Future of Remote Work For SMEs

Remote working is the new normal for many small businesses. Companies are adapting to the trend not only because it’s a viable option but also because it is a necessity that will run into the future. In trying to establish how remote working with shape the future of work, we reached out to SME experts […]

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Impact of White House Cybersecurity Call: It Experts Chime in

On Thursday, June 3, 2021, the Biden Administration’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology, Anne Neuberger, issued a clarion call to US businesses asking them to heighten their protocols and their efforts to protect their businesses from ransomware.

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Setting Up a Home Office- The Dos and Don’ts

Setting Up a Home Office: The Dos and Don’ts

The ongoing pandemic has forced many Americans to readjust in many ways, including shifting to remote work. Working from a home office no longer raises eyebrows and has become part of the new norm.

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Accountant working with tax filling

Considering a Return to Onsite Work?

As public health measures recede nationwide, many employers are reassessing their remote workforce operations to determine what the best staffing model may be going forward. Some companies have already announced they plan to have all employees return to work.

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How Can the Zoom Closed Caption Feature Help Users

Zoom allows users to enhance accessibility and flexibility with the new closed captioning feature. Once enabled, the feature makes it easier for users to type captions during a webinar or meeting. Users type directly into the video conferencing platform or via an integrated third-party software.

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Staying Safe- 7 Benefits of Managed IT Security

Staying Safe: 7 Benefits of Managed IT Security

Cybersecurity is growing as a major threat to the success of various companies in the world today. In 2019, 88% of companies around the world experienced some form of cybersecurity threat. There is no doubt that such threats will continue to grow as the use of technology continues to increase.

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How Can Small Businesses Effectively Outsource Their IT Management?

IT outsourcing has become quite popular in recent years, and for good reasons. If your business is spending too many resources on managing your network, updating software, maintaining printers, or ensuring that your cybersecurity software is doing its job, it’s time to start thinking about getting help from IT professionals.

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Tech Data and Synnex Merger Feedback

Tech Data is a large technology distributor. It has for the longest time helped companies like Apple. Microsoft, Cisco, and HP bring their products to the market. It also offers a broad range of technical and business support services.

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How Microsoft Mesh Takes Virtual Reality Technology to the Next Level

Microsoft recently unveiled powerful software that makes it easier for users to access virtual reality and augmented reality content. Users can appear as an avatar or hologram for work or play from any location.

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Experts Tell All: Their Favorite Tips and Tricks for Zoom and Other Video Call Software

Who knows how long Zoom spaces will be the new “water coolers” for those of us who are used to office life. But while most of us are still in work-from-home mode, we might as well get comfy with our new surroundings, right?

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TECHNOLOGYHow Important is a Cybersecurity Policy: Here Is What Experts Say

The majority of small and midsize companies underestimate the importance of a well-designed cybersecurity policy. The failure to draft and adopt the policy is often a result of limited resources, a lack of awareness, or procrastination by the leadership.

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Breaking: Sonicwall Vpn Products Hacked Using Zero-day Vulnerability

In an urgent notice released on the evening of January 22nd, network security company SonicWall divulged a breach in their NetExtender VPN client and SMB-oriented SMA (Secure Mobile Access) 100 product.

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Technology Experts Highlight Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Slack

Technology Experts Highlight Business Benefits of Microsoft Teams, Zoom & Slack

A 2019 study indicated that 98 percent of professionals preferred to work remotely, and 97 percent recommended it to others. That was before the pandemic forced organizations to invest in remote infrastructure and offsite entire workforces.

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Chromebook Sales Have Skyrocketed: What Sets Them Apart?

“Chromebooks have become the phenomena of 2020,” says Ilan Sredni of Palindrome Consulting, Inc. But why? Is Google-powered hardware really better? Are customers generally more interested in the Chromebook’s software? The price?

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IT Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Company Zoom Calls

IT Insider Tips for Making the Most of Your Company Zoom Calls

As holders of highly-sensitive personal data and financial information, businesses in the insurance and financial sectors need to be especially aware of major cybersecurity concerns. This is especially true when using video conferencing technologies like FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meet.

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Are you Ready for COVID-19 Part 2?

Is your business ready for another COVID-19 lockdown? Cases are spiking in 45 out of 50 states and some states such as Texas and Florida have already reversed steps taken towards reopening.

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Is Microsoft Edge The Right Business Browser Choice?

Microsoft appears to be rolling out its latest Edge browser version in an attempt to regain its once market dominance.

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Want to Protect your Small Business? These are the Cyber Security Software Services for You

It is well know that every small business should be taking their cyber security seriously, so we’ve put together this list of services that we would recommend to small businesses in particular.

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Read This Before Starting a New Business

Four successful small business owners offer invaluable insight and advice into how to avoid common yet deadly pitfalls when launching your own business.

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Using VPN at work: best practices and experience from 25 expert

VPNs, for Virtual Private Network, can have many usages – some of the most common ones being using VPN to get cheaper flights by changing browsing country

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Reduce Business Risk with Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber attacks are accelerating, but is your business protected from the damage that can occur? See how cyber liability insurance can mitigate the impact to your organization.

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Gabbcon Gabe Greenberg, SemTech IT’s Nick Allo and YouTube Farming Greg Peterson

Nick Allo directs the IT services at SemTech IT Solutions. SemTech is a Seminole Office Solutions company serving Orlando since 1984. SemTech IT Solutions was established in 2011 to provide specialized.

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Preventing Cyber Attacks: What’s Your Cyber Security Plan?

Did you know that 43 percent of all cyber attacks in the US are targeted at small businesses? For many attorneys, the topic of cyber security can seem pretty complex.

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