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4 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

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Quick collaboration is a key component for business. See how Microsoft Teams helps individuals pull together to create cohesively and simplify group work.  

Did you know that there’s a “hidden” solution for your instant communication challenges, and it may already be a part of your Microsoft Office 365 subscription? Formerly known as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams has been phased in slowly over time while gaining new benefits along the way that can be leveraged to support the needs of your team. Virtual collaboration is becoming more the norm than an exception, making it vital for organizations to employ a team-based mode of communication that doesn’t contain the time lags associated with emails or scheduled video chats. From enhanced focus to convenient integrations, here are four reasons 3 million teams have chosen to utilize Microsoft Teams for their collaborative communication needs.

1. Instant Integration with Key Applications

Need to add a document to your chat to clarify a point? No problem! Microsoft Teams allows members to create group chats, shared dashboards, voice and video calls intuitively while maintaining a high degree of organization in the conversation by storing chat-related documents in a central location. Files are separated from the primary conversation threads and users are clearly delineated throughout the platform. Microsoft Teams offers not only desktop support, but a full-featured app that allows users to add and access files, initiate chats, calls and set meetings from their mobile devices. While integration with Microsoft application is to be expected, there are added bonus integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Sign, Flow and Planner that will speed collaboration and enhance communication.

2. Secure Connections and Conversations

Want to be sure that the communication within your organization stays secure and protected? Microsoft Teams is Office 365 Tier C Compliant, which means your Active Directory sign-on controls and data encryption while in transit are fully in effect. Microsoft continues to explore ways to add layers of security that will protect against data leaks, such as Secure Private Channels that provide a deeper level of administration for teams that need to limit access to conversations. The tight integration with the full Microsoft Office 365 suite means all members have access to shared services without requiring individual configuration for each user.

3. Connected Data Storage That Follows Compliance Measures Already in Place

Full integration with Microsoft OneDrive ensures that documents you share are following the compliance guidelines that should already be defined within your organization. Using a chat platform such as Slack does have some benefits, but the connected ecosystem Microsoft Teams is the big winner when it comes to comparing these solutions. The growing trend of data compliance challenges and the need to protect intellectual property in instant communication tools adds value to the seamless OneDrive integration for businesses.

4. Share Notes and Collaboration Tools with Ease

One challenge that geographically distributed teams share is the difficulty of whiteboarding their ideas in a way that’s collaborative for all team members. With Microsoft Teams, individuals are able to quickly and conveniently share notes with other team members and collaborate in real-time as opposed to waiting for emails to surface. Since documents are stored within OneDrive, getting back to the content of a meeting at a later date is a snap for all attendees. This can also help eliminate the frustration of version control, as collaborators can share editing capabilities for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents. With 41% of organizations with access to the platform plan to use it to streamline their ongoing communications.

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