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MyGlue: Our Key to Better Password Management

MyGlue: Our Key to Better Password Management

Digital Guardian surveyed a group of 1,000 internet users – finding that 89% of consumers feel secure in their password use and management habits, but 61% of people admitted to using the same password for multiple accounts. Even the most informed individuals still tend to lack proper password use and management. Why? Because it’s not exactly easy to remember a multitude of complex, hard-to-guess passwords. There’s where MyGlue comes in handy. MyGlue is a documentation system that helps ensure employees follow the most common best practices in terms of passwords.

How Does MyGlue Work?

MyGlue empowers employees to create strong, secure passwords that can be easily managed across a range of devices. A vault is used to store all of the passwords, which means there’s no need to write them down or make them easy-to-guess because they don’t want to remember them. Here are two of the best features:

  1. Advanced security measures including SOC 2 compliance, role-based permissions, two-factor authentication, version history, and more will keep accounts and/or passwords safe against any sort of attack.
  2. One central location for team-based passwords because sometimes, an entire department will need to use one login for an account, but that login can be kept in a central location so nobody needs to send it to someone else/reset it.

It’s incredibly simple to use, and best of all, there’s no need to worry about resetting passwords because they were made according to best practices (complex, hard-to-guess, and a mix of characters, letters, and numbers), then forgotten. Instead, they can be made according to best practices and stored for safe keeping where you and your team can access them as needed.

MyGlue is Part of Every SemTech Managed IT Services Plan. If You’re a Current Client and Need Help Setting It Up, Contact Our Support. Not a Current Client But Want to Be? Contact Our Sales Team.


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