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The Internet of Things is on its way, and we are seeing new applications for web-connected devices every day. Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to use Internet of Things technology is its integration into agriculture, or more specifically, artichoke growing at Ocean Mist Farms in Salinas Valley, California.

There’s no doubt that agriculture is an important part of humanity’s continued survival, and just like other industries, farmers are always trying to find the most innovative, practical ways to boost their success. At Ocean Mist Farms, an artichoke-growing haven, they take artichoke-growing seriously, and for good reason. Not only is it for the sake of survival, but also for the survival of business.

For the past three years, things have been a little dry for Salinas Valley. The region has only received around 15 inches of rain, leaving operations fairly high and dry for farmers. Chris Drew, the product manager of Ocean Mist Farms, says that the company is doing whatever they need to do in order to get a good crop, including nighttime and drip-line irrigation. These processes are costly and labor-intensive, according to Drew.

Thankfully, Drew considers himself a “modern-day farmer,” and he’s willing to take advantage of whatever technology he can in order to keep business operating as usual. As a graduate of Cal Poly San Obispo (California Polytechnic State University), he earned a degree in Crop Science, and has the necessary knowledge to find the most effective way of farming. Drew partnered with John Deere to use Field Connect on his artichoke fields. Field Connect is a type of sensor which can monitor many different variables, including:

  • Soil temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Soil electro-conductivity
  • Soil-moisture content
  • Leaf wetness
  • Solar radiation level

All of this is gathered and displayed on a single user-friendly dashboard which allows Drew to take in all of the information at once. According to TechRepublic, Drew says that he feels the main advantage of Field Connect is the sheer amount of time it saves him. He says that he is, “saving time by not having to dig holes to see the soil’s moisture content.” Now, via a secure web connection, all information is automatically gathered and analyzed, making everyone’s job at Ocean Mist much easier. Thanks to the Internet of Things, Ocean Mist Farms can survive the drought and continue operating as usual knowing for sure when their crops need water.

This is only one small way that the Internet of Things is changing the way that industries operate. Your business is no different. As new technologies become available which take advantage of the Internet’s connectivity in new and exciting ways, the way your company operates will surely evolve with the times. You want an IT consultant to help you plan for changes coming in the near future, and the professionals at SemTech IT Solutions are the best around.

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