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Orlando IT Support

Orlando IT Support

On-Site IT Support Versus Professional Orlando IT Support: Which Is Best For Small Business?

IT support services are some of the most fundamental and core necessities of a small business. Whether your company has been established for several years or several months, the well-oiled machine of your IT department will make or break your daily operations.

IT support malfunctions could be one of the reasons why you are investigating your options today. Maybe your company has experienced a data breach or a long-term outage. Perhaps you are feeling frustrated due to constant data loss. Maybe your current provider is simply not providing you with the services you need to grow your small business. In either case, these situations have left you feeling defeated, irritated, and concerned about the future.

This is why SemTech IT Solutions is so passionate about helping small businesses make the best and most informed IT decisions possible. Specializing in IT services for businesses all around the Winter Park and Central Florida area, our team works hard to simplify IT services for clients at any need point. Our full-service agency offers copier and scanner document management services in addition to our IT and cybersecurity offerings. We are a complete technology services company offering:

  • Hosted PBX
  • VoIP to Enhanced SIP Trunking
  • Unified Communications (UC)

Switching your current IT support to a professional management company is always an option we support, but we do not want you to switch IT companies just to be trapped in yet another bad situation. Instead, we are going to provide you with an honest valuation of the differences between on-site support versus professional management companies, and hopefully, better assist your small business with making the best IT decision possible.

Orlando IT Support

On-Site IT Support

On-Site IT support includes any type of information technology assistance that comes from a team working directly for your company. An example of this could include a tech support division, an IT manager, or a single tech support employee. Small businesses that rely on large quantities of technology, digital platforms, or sophisticated data systems often find On-Site IT support to be fast, responsive, and personable. Also called In-House IT services, this form of information management is hand-selected by your hiring team and is continuously involved in the-to-day processes of your small business.

Cons Of On-Site IT Support

There are some cons of On-Site IT support that dissuade small business owners from investing in the system, especially when requiring larger IT capacities. These cons usually include:

  • Expenses: On-Site IT support is not always necessary, nor is it cheap. Employing full-time tech support professional may cost anywhere from $17,000 to $31,000 a year. This investment may not always make the best sense for a small business.
  • Smaller Resources: Your On-Site IT support will have a smaller pool of tools and resources to pull from. If your business relies on a single person for all of their support, that person will have less assistance and troubleshooting help than a managed team would have.
  • Less Availability: On-Site IT support may be available only as their hours permit. They will not necessarily be on-call when you need them most, especially in a small business environment.

Pros Of On-Site IT Support

The positives of In-House IT support are substantial for small business owners and provide a great amount of utility for their upfront costs. The primary benefits of this IT approach include:

  • Understanding: Your In-House provider will have an intimate understanding of your unique technology requirements and data management needs. Because of this, they can react and respond to issues as soon as they arise.
  • Single Point Of Contact: There will be no need to wait for emails or phone calls relating to an issue that has been bounced from one external contact to another.
  • Consistent Support: On-Site IT support providers have the advantage of observing similar issues appear over time. They are able to take what they have learned and continuously apply it to problems with great success.

Professional IT Management Services

In a word, Professional IT Management Services are a technical support team operating outside of your business’s payroll. Instead of relying on a team member or staff group, all technical support issues are handled through a remote team of experts. The service is highly dependable and provides multiple IT solutions and subscription plans for individual small businesses.

Cons Of Professional IT Management Services

It is important to note that not all IT management services experience the issues below. However, they can and will arise in certain circumstances.

  • Proprietary Software Issues: Some managed IT providers may require you to install proprietary software, increasing costs, and compatibility issues.
  • Insufficient Staffing: Understaffed IT providers may increase server downtime, exacerbate data breaches, and take a long time to respond to events as they occur.
  • Smaller Connection: Managed IT services do not have the same connection to your small business that an On-Site team would inherently possess.

Pros Of Professional IT Management Services

Choosing the right managed IT provider may deliver a plethora of exciting benefits, including the following features.

  • Resource Pool: Managed IT services have the advantage of housing concentrated groups of professionals that work together to solve unique issues.
  • 24/7/365 Support: While On-Site IT support teams take vacations, sick leave, and holidays, professionally managed groups are available to address concerns at any time.
  • Fixed Costs: Managed IT support groups such as SemTech charge a stable monthly payment for all technology solutions.

Is On-Site Or Managed Orlando IT Support Best For Small Business?

On-Site or In-House IT support is the best option for small businesses who prefer a single point of contact and require an intimate understanding of their business’ daily needs. In contrast, a managed IT approach is best for small businesses looking to cut monthly costs and expand their technological outreach and control.

No matter which managed IT solution you choose for your Orlando small business ensures that you are making the best decision for your clients, employees, and financial success.


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