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Does Your Business Have the Fortified Cybersecurity It Needs?

Cybercriminals are increasingly crafty when it comes to the methods they employ to gain access to a business’s data, networks, and systems. Many industries are bound by strict compliance legislation mandating the transmission, storage, and protection of sensitive data that is left in their care. Failure to adequately secure this information can lead to dangerous breaches with disastrous consequences for the business involved. Compliance violations cost businesses money, but more than that, they also damage their reputation, which could lead to the closing of a once-promising business due to an inability to rebound from the security breach.

Where technology is involved, cybersecurity is needed. Risks affect businesses from both internal and external sources, meaning fortified security measures are necessary to provide the protection and peace of mind that businesses need.

Among the CyberSecurity Services SemTech IT Solutions employs to reinforce its clients’ IT security are:

  • Security Assessments
  • Device Encryption
  • Advance Ransomware Detection
  • Single Vendor Security Solution
  • Phish Threat attack simulation and training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Dark Web Scanning
  • Security Monitoring
  • Managed Security Services

Five Prominent Threats to a Business’ Security

  • Human Error
  • Internal Espionage
  • Weak Passwords
  • Predatory Viruses
  • Lack of Adequate Protection for Bring Your Own Device

What Can SemTech IT Solutions Do to Protect My Data and Workflow?

SemTech IT Solutions offers businesses a comprehensive suite of managed security solutions that hinges upon the implementation of proactive protocols to prevent potential vulnerabilities from becoming portals of exploitation for cunning cybercriminals.

Among the tools we employ to fortify our clients’ network security are:

  • Regular Security Assessments
  • Immediate Remediation of Security Weak Points
  • Advanced and Proactive Managed Security Services
  • Endpoint Management
  • Custom-Designed, Industry-Specific Security Policy & Procedures
  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring

Why Do Businesses Need Reinforced Cybersecurity?

Businesses cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting their data, networks, and systems from external and internal threats to their security. Research shows that cybercriminals prey upon the small to mid-size business market, believing they lack the resources to adequately fortify their sensitive and proprietary data, leaving them easy victims for exploitation.

Cybercriminals are tireless in their approach to penetrating a business’ IT systems. Unfortunately, security breaches are extremely costly for affected businesses. Not only do businesses face strict penalties for compliance violations, but they also must deal with the consequences of lost faith in their ability to safeguard the data entrusted to their care. No business can afford to sustain these blows, and many succumb to pressure and simply close their doors for good.

But the good news is this doesn’t have to happen to your business. SemTech IT Solutions assists companies every day with achieving the fortified security they need to provide those businesses with the confidence that their data and networks are safeguarded against predatory attacks. We believe in the implementation of a proactive security measure to prevent the need to be reactive.

Count on us for the best Orlando Cyber Security Services. Contact us today!

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