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Outsourcing Managed IT Services In Orlando

Why Outsourcing Managed IT Services Matters

Why Managed IT Services Matters for Your Orlando Business

Is your technology costing you time and money?

For too many businesses, the technology that’s intended to help ends up hindering progress. Technologies are outdated, inaccessible, slow and prone to breaking. Employes and customers end up frustrated, looking instead to your competitors. That’s why managed IT services make sense for Orlando businesses.

Outsourcing Managed IT Services In Orlando

What Are Managed IT Services?

A managed IT services provider takes a proactive approach to your technology. Managed IT services are designed to keep wireless networks, hardware and software operational, not waiting for something to break to repair it. Instead, for a predictable monthly rate, your managed IT company manages your technology, letting you focus on your core business and not keeping everything working.

Managed IT services Orlando businesses depend on keep data secure, protected and accessible. It ensures that updates and upgrades to critical software and hardware are automated. It means that problems are resolved quickly with attentive and experienced help-desk support.

The managed IT services market is growing rapidly, with one projection estimating the U.S. market to hit $223 billion in 2020 and grow to $329 billion by 2025.

What Managed IT Services Are Available?

At SemTech, we develop a customized, managed IT services solution designed to fit your business needs. We can manage your networks and systems completely or in part. We start by understanding your business and its needs and develop a solution that’s aligned with your business goals. We offer a suite of managed IT services that’s comprehensive and affordable.

Our solutions are all-inclusive. You do not pay for each help-desk call, software upgrade and phishing attack defended. Our subscription model ensures you have access to the services you need and can manage your IT expenses with a predictable monthly charge that fits your budget. No matter how many calls your employees make or complex your technology needs, you can expect the same prices and high level of service.

Our managed services include:

  • IT Support. Keep your hardware, software and networks operating at peak performance levels. With 24/7 help-desk services. your staffs stay online and working, with minimal downtime, Most common issues are solved remotely, meaning your technology is back in working order fast
  • Cloud Solutions. Cloud technologies provide secure storage for and access to data and applications. Automated cloud backups ensure that your data are safe and, in the event of a natural disaster or cyberattack, remain accessible. Cloud applications let your remote teams access information and tools no matter where they are as long as there’s an internet connection available
  • Vendor Management. Managing the many software and hardware programs your company uses is daunting. With vendor management services, we keep track of purchases, deliveries, installation, warranties and licenses. When there’s an issue with one of your vendors, we handle the paperwork and act as a liaison, letting your teams focus on business matters
  • Upgrades and Updates. Let our technical teams manage software and hardware updates, ensuring that the latest versions of critical applications and operating systems are available. With automated updates, you ensure that the latest features and security protections are available
  • Remote Monitoring. Monitoring solutions detect intrusions before serious damage can occur. Firewalls keep access restricted and, when an intrusion is detected, contain and neutralize the threat quickly
  • cybersecurity. Protect your infrastructure and data with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. In addition to network monitoring, automated anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-malware software tools keep users protected and prevent unwanted attacks that can lead to data theft and ransomware

SemTech IT Solutions supports Orlando area businesses with managed IT solutions, document management, managed print services, cybersecurity, and imaging solutions. Learn more about how to manage your technologies with customized, affordable IT solutions by contacting us today.


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