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PCLaw Case Management Software Review (2021 Edition)

PCLaw Case Management Software Review (2021 Edition)

OK, so your firm has finally decided to look for software to streamline activities like billing, accounting, tracking calendar appointments, case management, securing matter information, etc. But looking at the internet, you get overwhelmed by the tons of options available, to the point that it becomes challenging to tell a par-level case management software from a sub-standard one.

In the process, you come across a few pieces that pique your interest – PCLaw being among them. But you’re still undecided whether to go for it, fearing that it might lack some critical features. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you decide whether the software is a good fit for your firm.

We’ve prepared this review to enlighten you on the software’s core features, benefits, and a few drawbacks that you might want to consider before making a purchase decision. But first, what is PCLaw?

PCLaw Overview

PCLaw is a LexisNexis creation that qualifies as one of the best Law Practice Management Software (LPMS). It helps law firms efficiently perform such functions as accounting, case management, and billing within a few clicks.

PCLaw is a good fit for firms looking for feature-packed case management software to help, especially with billing and accounting. With the software, you can seamlessly manage vendor payments so that your cash flows are always high and no outstanding client balances go uncollected.

And you no longer have to wait for ages to get paid for a job well done as you can quickly email your clients LEDES-formatted bills for faster payments. Even more incredibly, the software features an expense tracking system that’s excellent for analyzing performance and spending within a budget.

These are accounting and billing features barely found elsewhere; no wonder PCLaw takes the lion’s share as the software with the most extensive customer base. More so, what gives this LexisNexis brainchild the competitive edge is the fact that it’s a one-stop software for all your firm’s accounting needs. You no longer have to rely on multiple sources, which is time-consuming, expensive, task-demanding.

But as we mentioned, PCLaw is not short of drawbacks as reviews and testimonials indicate some levels of dissatisfaction among users (more details below).

PCLaw Important Features (Updated List)

The software is constantly getting updated to include features that capture industry trends and innovations. Below is a review of the case manager’s critical components that will streamline your firm’s functions and processes.

Invoicing and Accounting

The two functions are PCLaw’s most significant strongholds. Managing vendor payments, tracking business expenses, and accessing checks from banks or trusts has never been easier, thanks to this software’s billing and accounting capabilities. Further, you can balance your accounts within a few clicks and spot deficit payments. You can also gauge performance by measuring the returns versus expenses in real-time.

Event & Case Tracking

PCLaw tracks your calendar appointments and sends timely reminders so that you never miss important meetings or deadlines. The software’s dashboard is exceptionally resourceful and well organized, enabling you to quickly toggle between My Business, My Clients, and My Practice to keep tabs with the goings-on.

Mobile Integration

Initially, the software was to serve Windows desktop users exclusively. But thanks to the recent upgrades, there’s a mobile web-based version that law practices can accept on the go. So whether you’re at the office or meeting a client in the country, you can still record billable hours and access vital matter cases by logging in the client’s number, matter description, matter number, or type of law.

Case/Matter Management

PCLaw’s matter management feature encompasses all aspects of corporate legal practice and all law firm-related activities. Unlike other software that usually targets specific practice areas, PCLaw is a one-for-all case management hub where you can organize all pieces of information under one roof for easy access.

Why Should You Go For PCLaw Case Management Software

If you’re still skeptical about choosing this case management software to streamline your law firm’s critical activities, you might change your mind after discovering what it brings to the table. Here are a few PCLaw’s benefits:

Quick and Straightforward to Use

Nothing compares to PCLaw’s resourcefulness in performing critical functions like client management, invoicing, and accounting. The updated version of the software’s user interface is exceptionally straightforward to operate, be it on a phone or PC. Admittedly, the software’s bells and whistles are nothing compared to those of the competition. But guess what? It comes with a better program that handles the basics marvelously.

No Need for Additional Software

Using conventional practice management applications, you’ll have to rely on multiple software to complete critical tasks like accounting exhaustively. But that’s not the case with PCLaw; it combines all separate functions like ledgers, accounts receivable/payable, operating statements, etc., into a single package and at the original cost.

Cloud-Based Operation for Optimal Efficiency

Since the on-set of COVID-19, cybersecurity threats have been on the rise, with hackers primarily targeting companies with sensitive and valuable data. And law firms are no exception. Thankfully, if you acquire a cloud-based case management software like PCLaw, you shall have secured all your sensitive case file out of reach of cybercriminals.

What’s more, this allows you to collaborate with reliable cloud services and IT companies like SemTech IT Solutions. This eliminates chances of your law firm’s systems or network breakdown, downtime, or external interference as your support team will be monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure 24/7. Curious to find out how we can host your software in the cloud for optimal security and efficiency?

PCLaw: A Few Drawbacks

Below are a few challenges of the software as registered by previous users:

  • In rare-case scenarios, the bill generation process may lead to a few errors.
  • Troubleshooting the billing errors can be tricky.
  • The software may misbehave, to the extent of freezing up for some time, especially after updating it.

PCLaw Final Remarks: Is It Worth Giving a Shot?

Downright, YES! Without discrediting other awe-inspiring case management applications, PCLaw is a must-have if you’re looking for software to grow with your law firm. You’ll love its ease of scalability, enabling you to scale its resourcefulness as your firm grows. But if you’re a large firm looking for a program with more in-depth features and functionalities, we recommend you explore other options.

Have you used this case management software in your firm? What’s your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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