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Red Light, Green Light – 4 Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic

You’ve just started your own small business, and your head is swimming with ideas that you want to share with the entire world. You create a blog and publish a few articles, but only get a few hits. You sigh, write another entry, and then shut down your computer for the night. This happens for a few days, which turn into weeks, and months, and something doesn’t feel right to you. Why aren’t you getting any viewers?

Simply put, the Internet is a huge place with limitless content, so much that the world’s most popular search engine Google has been turned into a popular verb, “to google”, meaning to search for something on the Internet using the Google search engine. Your content is likely getting lost amidst the chaos. Using these four key steps, you can get your company’s name out there and boost your webpage to the top of Google’s results easily.

Sit Down and Write
If you’re just starting out as a small business owner, one of the best things you can do for your blog is to post frequently. The more you post, the more likely one of those posts will make it to the top of someone’s search results. More importantly, it’s all about content – if someone enjoys what you write, they will continue to read your writing. Maybe they will even tell their friends about your website, and in turn they will tell their friends, and so on. Your website traffic can improve exponentially if you simply post a lot of good, quality content.

Comment Often – Interaction is Key!
Interaction with your viewers is a great way to promote traffic to your blog. Nobody likes commenting on something and never getting a response. If you take the time to respond to viewers’ comments, they will feel like they are actually dealing with a human being rather than a machine, and will be more likely to stick around.

Be a Social Butterfly
We’re not talking about going out and meeting people, although that certainly can help – we’re talking about joining online communities of like-minded individuals. Not only are they valuable resources for viewers, but you can also learn a lot from them. They have likely had a web presence for a lot longer than you have, and you might be lucky enough to pick up some useful tips from them.

Let your Employees Do the Blogging
You may not feel that every member of your staff is a Hemingway or a George R.R. Martin, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have insight for your readers. Have every member of your company write an article each month. Not only will you get a variety of voices, but you might even get a variety of content that can appeal to many different audiences!

Do you have any home remedies to increase your own blog traffic? Let us know in the comments!


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