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Sophos Endpoint Protection X For Orlando Businesses

Dramatically Reduce Cybersecurity Risk for Remote Workers with Sophos’ Intercept X Endpoint Protection

Dramatically Reduce Cybersecurity Risk for Remote Workers with Sophos’ Intercept X Endpoint Protection

Protecting your organization during the current COVID-19 crisis and expanded remote work scenario can be a challenge. With Sophos’ Intercept X endpoint protection solution, you can dramatically reduce your cybersecurity risk.  

Even before the current coronavirus crisis, nearly 30% of workers in America had some sort of flexible schedule or the ability to perform at least a portion paid work from home — even though only about 7% worked from home regularly. Estimates for individuals that are exclusively working from home throughout the COVID-19 distancing period are cited as showing that CFOs believe up to an additional 20% of individuals may maintain their remote work even after the social distancing mandates have expired. With long commutes frustrating staff members and more supervisors seeing the productivity benefits of the practice, companies need to consider the long-term repercussions of remote work for their business.

Sophos Endpoint Protection X For Orlando Businesses

Remote Workers Are at Risk for Cyberattack

There are any number of risks associated with working from home, with coworkers feeling alone and alienated as well as struggling with unfamiliar technology. With the vast majority of the country under some sort of stay at home order during the COVID-19 crisis, it’s vitally important that companies can assure that their remote workers are utilizing the most secure solutions possible to protect your company. You might be surprised to learn that the lack of productivity is not the biggest challenge facing companies during this challenging period. Instead, ensuring that your staff members can securely connect to company networks and databases may be the most significant risk to your business. Fortunately, solutions such as the Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection can help reduce the possibility of an attack.

William Altman, a Senior Analyst at the Global Cyber Center of NYC, noted in a recent Forbes article: “Organizations of all kinds are facing an uptick in email-based threats, endpoint-security gaps, and other problems as a result of the sudden switch to a fully remote workforce. It’s now more important than ever to consider both the security practitioner as well as ethical-hacker perspectives to stay secure, that’s what this is all about.” As technical and finance executives continue to look for ways to cut costs, it’s not surprising that many are turning to cloud-based solutions to help reduce the necessity of on-premise software and hardware for their business. The shift to a remote work mindset might be the turning point for many companies that were considering how to update or expand their technical capabilities, specifically in terms of cybersecurity.

Protecting your organization from attack is our top priority at SemTech IT Solutions. Our team supports a variety of industry-leading security solutions such as the Sophos Intercept X endpoint protection and Microsoft 365 for Business, offering advanced cybersecurity solutions aimed at reducing the threat to your business. Contact our team at 407-329-5125 or schedule your complimentary consultation online anytime to see how we can provide your Orlando business with the secure, reliable solutions that you need to maintain consistent business operations. Managing your company’s security is top-of-mind during the coronavirus impact period and beyond, and our IT experts can help your business take advantage of the free licenses available for Sophos Home Premium solution — which includes access to Intercept X.


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