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Employees take advantage of a second monitor to be more productive at work.

Do You Know What A Second Monitor Will Do For Your Productivity?

A Second Monitor Can Increase Your Productivity

Did you know that a second monitor can increase your productivity by an estimated 20 – 30%?

It’s all about minimizing and eliminating the tiny delays and unnecessary actions you take when using your computer. While each of these actions may only take a second or two at a time, over the course of a day, a week, a month, or a year, they start to add up.

All these actions involve working with two separate windows on your desktop. You’re often referencing one of them, and working in the other. These tasks could include:

  • Data entry
  • Document processing with a reference
  • Email drafting with a reference
  • Side by side comparisons
  • Switching between panels or pages of a spreadsheet
  • Communicating in a chat thread with a reference

These are things we do every day – all of which a second monitor makes easier. With a second screen, you can put your reference in one area and leave it there, and work directly on the other screen. No need to use the mouse to move your windows around.

But instead, most of us continue to waste time and effort using just one monitor…

How Much Time Does One Monitor Really Waste?

Take one of these potential actions – for example, using your mouse to move one window over, and clicking on another to bring it to the forefront of your monitor. Let’s say it takes one second, and that you do this sixty times a day.

By all accounts, this is probably on the low end of the reality, but it’s still a minute every day spent doing just that one thing. This becomes five minutes a week, twenty minutes a month, and 4 hours a year.

From an employee’s perspective, that’s four hours spent doing something that a second monitor would allow them to avoid. From an employer’s perspective, that’s four paid hours of a work every year when each employee spends doing something that a second monitor would allow them to avoid. Across an entire staff, this can easily be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

And that’s just one action – how much money do you think dual monitors could save you as a whole?

Boost Productivity And Save Money With Dual Monitors

As a part of the services SemTech IT delivers to our network of clients, each and every user is equipped with dual monitors. We know our clients value their time and want to become more productive. Our IT services are designed to help them do just that.

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