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Sneaky: Some Microsoft Users are Reporting Unwanted Upgrades to Windows 10

Windows 10, the latest operating system in Microsoft’s repertoire, has several business-friendly features that can potentially improve your organization’s workflow. However, many users are reporting that Windows 10 is installing on their devices automatically without their consent. If this is true, and your organization’s software is upgraded without your consent, you could be facing a big issue.

The main problem presented by Windows 10’s automatic installation is that businesses that may plan on implementing Windows 10 in the future are still making sure that the new operating system is compatible with their legacy software. Upgrading without first consulting a proper IT technician can result in your legacy applications becoming inaccessible, and if they’re crucial to the success of your business, you’ll quickly fall behind and be forced to endure crippling downtime and headaches.

ComputerWorld goes into detail concerning some of the claims of Windows 10 automatic updates and installations, many of which seem to be due to users opting into automatically installing Windows Updates, as well as having recommended updates being installed as if they were considered critical updates. The reasoning is simple; since Windows 10’s installer is delivered via Windows Updates, it will naturally run on the users’ machines if it’s set to do so.

Granted, most of the problems associated with automatic Windows 10 updates seems to be the inability to refuse the updates, rather than the fact that the OS is automatically getting installed. Others seem to be stuck in an upgrade loop of sorts, which doesn’t allow them to decline the upgrade to Windows 10. There’s even some skepticism that this is part of Microsoft’s plan to get all Windows users on Windows 10 as soon as possible, but we don’t buy into this train of thought. If users are careful enough to view the optional upgrade options, they can keep Windows 10 off of their PC indefinitely if they want to. Although, as technology professionals, we will always advocate for using the latest tech solutions on the market once it’s deemed stable and proficient.

There are ways to remove the Windows 10 update from the Windows Update registry, but it’s not recommended that you do so without the help of a trusted technician. Besides, if you don’t want to use Windows 10, maybe you should consider why you don’t want to update. If it’s because of legacy applications, there are plenty of options that allow you to continue taking advantage of them, like virtualization, while still having the option of updating your operating systems.

The important thing to remember is that your business can’t risk the chances of having Windows 10 unexpectedly install on your machine. If you’re unsure of how upgrading to Windows 10 will affect your business infrastructure, you need to take every precaution to make sure that an upgrade won’t break your workflow, whether you intend to upgrade or not. It’s recommended that you contact SemTech IT Solutions and allow our trusted tech professionals to walk you through the process of Windows 10 adoption. We can assess your network for any discrepancies and help you move toward Windows 10 in an educated fashion, minimizing complications and allowing for maximum efficiency.

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