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SemTech Connect vs. Star2Star 

SemTech Connect vs. Star2Star

Founded in 2005 and 2006 respectively, SemTech Connect and Star2Star strive to offer a wide range of communication services to businesses and individuals alike. Among the various features that the communications companies share, they each present their customers with the opportunity to become a Partner, which allows businesses to sell Star2Star or SemTech Connect communication services to their respective audiences.

These partnerships are mutually beneficial, as they broaden both Star2Star and SemTech Connect’s reach, but they also give growing businesses the opportunity to share excellent communication services with their clientele. The following information will provide an in-depth look at the numerous advantages of doing business with Star2Star or SemTech Connect, as well as valuable insight into their differentiating factors.

SemTech Connect Services and Partnerships 

In the 16 years since its founding, SemTech Connect has developed a decent customer reach, with over 35,000 businesses serviced and more than 375,000 individuals helped. On top of that, SemTech Connect has nurtured partnerships with over 800 organizations, which has helped expand the company’s audience and visibility. SemTech Connect offers a broad range of reasonably-priced communication services, including but not limited to fiber internet, cable television, VoIP phone services and more.

SemTech Connect’s team is also equipped to provide brand support with services like personalized content, growth incentives, end-user campaigns and deal consulting. Clients can take full advantage of these services as a SemTech Connect Partner and will gain the expertise of a “success team” to stay competitive in today’s market.

CoreNexa Account Manager 

Yet another advantage that SemTech Connect Partners have is the ability to access the latest SemTech Connect UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform. This all-in-one service allows Partners to offer superb cloud communication, video collaboration capabilities and contact center support to their clients. The SemTech Connect Account Manager is a real asset to Partners using this service, as it gives Partners the ability to manage, sell, deliver and invoice for their cloud communication services. SemTech Connect streamlines cloud communication for businesses so that operations can rush swiftly and smoothly.


When compared with SemTech Connect, Star2Star shines for its versatility — the Florida-based company works with clients in education, healthcare, manufacturing, government, financial services and much more. There is a Star2Star communication service for everyone within their extensive offering.

Similar to SemTech Connect, Star2Star offers customers business voice services, video conferencing, Internet service, but they do not offer television services. Star2Star’s services won’t break the bank — their team is committed to providing top-notch communication services to a diversified collection of businesses and individuals without overcharging.

Star2Star and Remote Working

In the age of remote working, Star2Star is dedicated to providing clients with simple and seamless communication services. They highlight their team’s ability to facilitate your collaborations and co-working, even when employees are working from home or on the road. Adapted services range from business voice and text messaging to video meetings and Team Hub — the “nerve center” for collaboration, interaction and efficient team-wide working.

Star2Star is willing to offer new customers up to 5 months of free service, which services as low as $8.99/user/month. Existing Star2Star customers can expect to see significant savings with their remote working services and a quick transition into upgraded services.

SemTech Connect Star2Star
Uptime Network uptime SLA 99.999% Network uptime SLA 99.999%
Number of users (U.S.) 350,000 users 30 million users
Features – Highly scalable

– Integrations with Outlook, Salesforce and more

– Voice features, text messaging, packaged applications

– Conferencing

– Call recording

– Mobile access to phone system

– Reduced investment from traditional PBX systems

– Limitless call routing and full features

– Pure cloud architecture

– Multi-location flexibility

– Proprietary network backbone

– Voice features, text messaging, packaged applications

– Conferencing

– Call recording

– Integration studio connectors

– Government solutions

– Advanced reporting

Support – 24×7 Monitoring and Help Desk

– Track vital data through reporting

– 24×7 Monitoring and Help Desk

– Failover with Redundant Internet Connections

– Redundant Copper Carriers

– Next Business Day Part Replacement

– Disaster Avoidance and Recovery

– Analog Line Backup

Hosted PBX & VoIP services
SIP Trunking

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