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Tip of the Week: 3 Bluetooth Gadgets for Enhanced Productivity On Mobile Devices

If you’ve ever tried to work while out of the office on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have realized that mobile devices aren’t the optimal productivity machine to get the most quality work done. However, if you take advantage of the proper gadgets, you can take back your productivity and continue to get work done, even under the worst circumstances.

Remote work is so important today that some folks would fall behind substantially without it. This is why it’s so common that the business professional has a smartphone or tablet when they leave the office, and one reason why it’s so important to have devices that are capable of producing quality work even when on the road. As of 2015, it’s estimated by Pew Research that 64 percent of all American adults own a smartphone. Here are three technologies that you can use to get more productivity out of your mobile devices.

Bluetooth Keyboard
You don’t need us to tell you that typing on the on-screen smartphone or tablet keyboard is a pain. While the smartphone or tablet screen keyboard does have its perks for quick messages or emails, there are better ways to be productive with your device. If you want to type out longer documents, you need a stronger (and more comfortable) solution, like a portable bluetooth keyboard. Using this bluetooth gadget, you can avoid autocorrect errors and achieve laptop-like functionality easily.

Bluetooth Mouse
In much the same way that it’s difficult to type on a keyboard, it’s also a pain to navigate your productivity applications, like your word processor or email client, on your tablet with just your touch screen. To fix this issue, you can hook up a bluetooth-connected mouse that lets you feel like you’re on a laptop with a small screen. While it might seem like a trivial improvement, you’ll appreciate the extra control that the mouse gives you.

Many tablets today are compatible with bluetooth mice, which, when combined with a keyboard, give you more of a traditional laptop experience with the mobility of a slim, light tablet.

Bluetooth Headset
The reason we all use telephones is because they do something that the Internet used to not be able to provide; the ability to instantaneously contact someone. In most cases, however, we have to cease our current activity in order to focus on said call. This can make it irritating when working on the road. If you’re using a bluetooth headset, you can answer or make phone calls without interrupting your own work processes, or those of others around you. Bluetooth headsets also offer several other benefits, like the ability to listen to music, or listen to podcasts to keep yourself updated on the current best practices of your industry.

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