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Tip of the Week: ClipDiary is Like an Undo Button for Your PC’s Clipboard

Woops! Have you ever made the mistake of accidentally copying over content on your PC’s clipboard that you were planning on using? How do you go back and retrieve the old, copied-over content? Unless you already have a third-party tool installed, you’re probably out of luck.

The Ultra-Annoying Copy/Paste Dilemma
A situation like this is more common than you may realize. For example, let’s say that you copy some important content to your clipboard and then close the app that you copied it from, with every good intention of pasting it to another app. However, the Internet being the Internet, you’re then met with a distraction like a tantalizing website. You then copy the URL so you can share the website over social media, completely forgetting about your sensitive data already on your clipboard. This move effectively erases the data previously saved on the clipboard.

Now you must go back and reopen the app that you copied the original data from, or worse, rewrite the social media post that you ever-so-diligently authored. Given the situation, it can be a frustration akin to not saving the progress of a video game and then having the electricity go out.

Unfortunately, it’s not like you can access some “secret” files in Windows and get back your copied content. If, however, you had installed a clipboard manager tool like ClipDiary, you would be all set to easily retrieve your copied-over content.

ClipDiary Saves the Day
If this copy/paste problem is one that you’ve experienced or a mistake that you can see yourself making, one solution is to install ClipDiary from their website:

Now, if you have ClipDiary installed and you run into this problem again, all you would have to do is hit Ctrl+D to open ClipDiary. You would then be able to view the clipboard history and copy previous items back to the clipboard that you can use to paste wherever you need it.

The problem we described is just one common copy/paste problem that you may run into that ClipDiary can take care of. To learn about additional copy/paste blunders, check out a blog from ClipDiary’s website:

ClipDiary also comes with some pretty useful features:

  • Insert saved data directly into any application
  • Fast copy data back to the clipboard
  • Paste text without formatting (as plain text)
  • Find data you once copied to the clipboard
  • View the list of clips in the clipboard history viewer window
  • Recover data accidentally replaced in the clipboard
  • Improve your productivity and save lots of time with the clipboard manager

If you’d like, check out ClipDiary and let us know what you think. It might end up being the most useful tool that you’ve never heard of.


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