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Tip of the Week: 4 Smartphone Accessories Too Good to Pass Up

Here are four of the best smartphone accessories out there, including ways to get more battery life out of your device, ways to communicate more effectively, and other portable conveniences.

Portable Battery Pack
We’ve all been in the position where your battery only has a little bit of a charge left and you’re nowhere near an outlet to charge it up. This is why a portable battery pack is such a great asset for someone who’s always on the go. These battery packs work in conjunction with USB technology. All you have to do is plug in your phone and you’ll be getting a good, quality charge, regardless of where you are. If you’re not sure where to start looking, try this one made by Anker.

A Longer USB Cord
The default charger cable is going to be short, and it probably won’t be very durable either. To get a little more length, you can try this long USB cord, also made by Anker. It’s a great way to take advantage of your portable battery pack, and it can be used for pretty much anything your ordinary USB cord is used for. It’s made out of some pretty heavy duty stuff, too. If you have a pet that’s known to chew on wires, this cord is for you.

A Wireless Bluetooth Headset
How do you attend meetings with your company’s home base? Do you listen in with a headset, or do you hold a phone to your face until your arm falls asleep? You can make long meetings much more bearable with a Bluetooth headset that can connect to your smartphone. Just pair the device with your handset, put in the ear piece, and you’re golden.

Other Bluetooth Technologies
If you want a cool new technology for your smartphone, just about anything will do, so long as it helps you do your job better. You can wirelessly tether devices like a wireless keyboard or a set of headphones.

What are some of the ways you take advantage of mobile technologies and smart phone accessories? Let us know in the comments.


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