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Business employee traveling uses steps to stay safe from cybercrime.

Tips for Travelers Looking to Stay Safe Against Cybercrime

Her Are A Few Ways Travelers Can Stay Safe Against Cybercrime

Nowadays, cybercrime is evolving at an incredibly rapid rate with new threats coming out each and every day. Naturally, most people are realizing the profound impact an attack can have, but what happens when you’re away from your home or the workplace where you’ve installed various forms of protection? How do you stay safe against hackers when you’re on the go? Here’s our top tips for travelers:

1. Use a VPN:

As you’re relying on public networks when you’re traveling, it’s important to make sure you’re using a VPN that encrypts your data and makes it impossible for any unauthorized third-parties to see what you’re doing. Otherwise, the data that’s transmitted to/and from your device may be accessed and/or stolen.

2. Turn Off Your Bluetooth Connectivity:

Bluetooth can be used to access your device, even if you’re using a VPN to connect to the internet. Sure, it’s a great way to keep your devices in sync, but there’s no reason to keep it turned on when you’re away from home. If you need it, turn it on – but make sure you turn it back off again.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Devices:

You certainly don’t want to lose any devices, especially if they contain sensitive information on them. Keep your devices with you at all times and pay attention to who is around you and whether or not they’re paying attention to your screen. Similar to using an ATM card at the machine, always enter any credentials carefully.

4. Be Careful with Public Wi-Fi:

Whenever you’re using a public wireless network, make sure it’s the right network. You don’t want to connect to a network setup by a cybercriminal so look at the name carefully before you connect. Sometimes, cybercriminals will setup free public wi-fi networks with very similar names to the actual company and/or locations free public wi-fi network.

5. Update Your Software Before Leaving the House:

You’ve likely heard by now that out-of-date software leaves you open to hackers exploiting well-known vulnerabilities. Make sure you’re updating all of your software before you even step foot out of the house. It’s simply less safe using technology away from home or the office so it’s good to take preventative measures to minimize risks.

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