IT Support for HVAC Service Providers

Are you looking to leverage the latest IT solutions to make your HVAC business more efficient? Do you want specialists to handle all your technology, so you can focus on your clients?


Why do HVAC Service Providers Need an IT Services Team on Their Side?

HVAC Services is a time-sensitive, highly competitive business. Most HVAC providers concentrate on their core business – providing the latest Heating and Air Conditioning solutions to their customers in order to address client demands and grow their business. However, they often ignore a very important aspect of their own business – technology maintenance.

But it’s not just technology maintenance that you’re looking for, right?

  • Advice on what hardware or software to buy
  • Help in getting internet access to work trailers on-site
  • Remote access to your data and workflow on any device
  • Security for your clients’ confidential information
  • Capability to answer business phones in the field as seamlessly as in the office
  • Consulting for the increasingly internet-connected side of your installs

The HVAC industry is expected to grow beyond $136 billion globally by 2024. You do not want to lose customers just because nobody returned their calls or you missed their maintenance schedule because a computer was down.

Once integrated within your business, an IT services team will work to improve your process efficiency and will provide you with the tools to provide a high level of customer experience.


SemTech IT Helps You Succeed By Providing

  • IT outsourcing
  • Continuous IT systems and security monitoring
  • Complete vendor management
  • End to end Customer Relationship Management
  • IT Infrastructure Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Vendor Management
  • Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

We leverage decades of experience in managing hardware and software for our clients, spanning multiple industries. We realize that each business, within every industry, is different. Therefore, our services are customized to your requirements, so you never have to worry about dealing with maintenance alerts, patching your servers, on-boarding new employees with credentials, or renewing your software licenses.


What Makes SemTech IT Different?

All our clients are our partners in a mutually beneficial relationship. The only way for us to grow is through the growth of our clients. Therefore, our team of professionals works around the clock to ensure success for your business. We are unlike other IT providers who wait for your systems to break down so that they can send over their engineers to fix them – and bill you at outrageously high hourly rates!

Instead, we continuously monitor the workstations and servers of your infrastructure so problems can be addressed remotely and proactively, well before they impact your workflow. Our support is billed at an easily budgeted flat rate, and it includes all the security upgrades, patches, and virus protection required. Our support is available round the clock, and if required, we can include unlimited on-site visits.

After all, we are SemTech, and we believe in providing preventive, stress-free, friendly support.

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