IT services for Manufacturing Businesses in Central Florida

Do you have workflow challenges that need integration and automation to streamline? – let’s get it done.

Why Should You Trust Your IT to Experts?

It’s virtually impossible to run a company without depending on technology. This is great, but can quickly lead to disasters if precautionary measures aren’t put in place. From sensitive data leaks to Cybernet security issues, technology can quickly go sideways.

Like several manufacturing companies, you’ve probably had bad days with Tech. From incessant downtimes to spending hours on the phone with IT vendors, you’ve had your fair share of IT problems. Your manufacturing company may have an in-house IT guy, but he’s likely so busy with user issues, that he can’t make time for pro-growth IT projects.

Maybe you’re manufacturing firm is still using an hour plus materials IT support strategy that is only reactive in nature. This technique has cost companies profits due to the loss of productivity during those downtimes. We understand that downtime is bad for business. So, we tackle IT issues before they become critical, utilizing a comprehensive, proactive IT support approach called Managed IT services.

Here in Orlando and beyond, our reputation precedes us. We’ll deliver the following services tailored to your specific manufacturing processes.

  • Comprehensive IT support
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and other ERP solutions
  • Dependable services
  • Cybernet Security solutions
  • Business Continuity Solutions
  • Consultation for IT budgeting and other big IT-related decisions

While calling up for repairs and solutions to problems is good, SemTech IT Solutions offers so much more. We take pride in preventing IT issues from happening at all. We help you eliminate your manufacturing company’s IT headaches.

Problems Associated with Poor IT Management of Manufacturing Firms

Without proper IT Solutions, your company is at risk of:

  • Security Breach
  • Data loss
  • Workflow challenges
  • Too much paperwork
  • Poor backup strategies
  • Hardware and software issues

Solutions to These IT Problems

On the flip side, partnering with SemTech IT Experts opens you up to:

  • Managed IT services
  • Network security
  • Cyber Security
  • Shared Documentation Platform
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Hosting Solutions

What Other IT Services do We Bring to Orlando Manufacturing Firms?


Outsourced IT Overview

Why don’t you leave your IT to experts while you focus your resources on other company tasks? With our remote monitoring tool, we catch and remediate IT issues before they become severe. IT services provide an avenue for your business to be more technically efficient. Efficiency, in turn, increases your potential for rapid growth.


IT Vendor, Warranty & Hardware Management

What happens if any part of your IT gets damaged? We have it under control. We take an inventory of your software, hardware, licenses, registrations, and configurations. So, in cases of damage to any part of your IT, all you need do is to give us a call. Since we have information on all your assets, we can communicate with appropriate vendors on your behalf. Then, we’ll get in touch with you to communicate the next steps to take in real time.


24 Hour Network Security

With the SemTech team, your company’s IT is protected around the clock with our All-In-One Security Solution, otherwise known as the Cybersecurity Evolved. Our best in breed solutions protect all areas of your network, whether your staff members are in the office or across the country. We bring better insight to manage everything your business does to ensure it is secure and safe. This saves time and money by having a single vendor and support.

Our XG Platform service provides all the latest advanced technology you need to protect your network from ransomware and advanced threats. This and all the solutions are centrally managed, so we can see the whole picture and make fast decisions when the time comes without having to work with many different bundled solutions. Your risk is lowered because updating from one centralized location ensures all your devices are duly updated.

Remote Network Monitoring and Maintenance

We all know that a breakdown in computers, printers, and other IT equipment can be quite frustrating. It slows down daily tasks, and further increases incurred costs. On the other hand, with SemTech, you’d never have to worry about such problems. Our remote monitoring software would be installed on all your devices and servers. When an issue is detected, this software sends a notification to our Network Operations Center. On seeing the notification, our technicians get to work, fixing potential threats even before they negatively impact your workflow. This system improves your efficiency by preventing unnecessary downtime, hence increasing profitability.

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