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Why Businesses Need to Quickly Distance Themselves From SQL Server 2005

Which database management system is running on your company’s server units? For end users, it’s not something that they put a whole lot of thought into. However, if you completely overlook your Microsoft SQL Server, you may end up running an expired version that puts your data at risk. Case in point, SQL Server 2005, which Microsoft recently ended support for.

The end of life event for SQL Server 2005 took place on April 12th, which means that if you haven’t upgraded yet to a more recent version, then you really, really need to. Let’s face it, 10 years is a long time to run any software without updates, much less SQL Server.

You’ll want to upgrade to a version that’s supported by Microsoft’s security patches and updates. By going with the latest versions like SQL Server 2014 or Azure SQL Database, your data will be protected for years to come. SemTech IT Solutions can assist you with such an upgrade so that you won’t experience any surprises with a lack of compatibility of your mission critical apps. Running into an error like this can severely hinder operations.

Additionally, upgrading your SQL Server may require apps to be reconfigured and upgraded, which is much more challenging than simply plugging in a new version of SQL Server and walking away.

Tim Hegedus, senior manager of the analyst team with Miro Consulting, explains to CIO, “The biggest risk stems from continuing to use the product when there is any kind of uncontrolled or external access to that database. Any security breach can be damaging not just monetarily but also reputationally.”

Additionally, organizations that work with sensitive data need to understand that using unsupported software like SQL Server 2005 (or any other unsupported software) can open themselves up to some hefty fines. Some of these violations can result in fines amounting to thousands of dollars, per record.

For businesses looking to upgrade, now may be an opportune time to try out Microsoft’s Azure offering. An Azure SQL VM is a legitimate option to consider, especially if you’re wanting to move away from having to buy and maintain a new server unit, install a bunch of software, and move all of your data. Depending on your needs, there are many other options, and SemTech IT Solutions can help you weigh the pros and cons of each solution.

For help upgrading away from SQL Server 2005, or any other unsupported software that may be putting your company at risk, give our professional IT technicians a call at 407-830-1434.


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