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Windows 11 Release Date In Orlando

When Will Windows 11 Be Available In Orlando?

What Is The Release Date Of Windows 11

If you thought that Windows 10 was Microsoft’s last version of Windows, then the joke’s on you because a newer version is set for release. Windows 11 is no longer a rumor – it’s official and will hit the market sooner than anticipated. Over the past 18 months, Microsoft has been working relentlessly to build the next generation of Windows that’s tipped to fit our entire lives into a mere PC.

But the big question is, when is the official Windows 11 release date, and what new features will it come with? We’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to answer these questions, plus everything else you need to know about Windows 11. So keep scrolling, and you’ll find out!

When is the New Windows 11 Release Date?

Many users have started searching for Windows 11 on Microsoft Store as early as now. But unfortunately, the OS isn’t ready for mass release just yet. That’s no cause for worry, though, as Microsoft confirms that it will begin supplying Windows 11 to its users this fall. It will be available as a free update for Windows 10 users, who will start receiving the upgrade around the same time as the official release date. And another thing, PCs manufactured and distributed around that period will come powered by Windows 11 automatically.

Please note, however, that upgrading to the latest OS will not be tied to the official Windows 11 release date. That is, it’ll be optional to upgrade until Microsoft drops the support for Windows 10 in 2025. But what if you just can’t wait until fall to have a new Windows experience? Well, Microsoft gives you an opportunity to start trying Windows 11 through its Insider Dev Channel, and you can achieve that by following the guidelines laid out on this page.

What are the New Windows 11 Features to Expect?

As we alluded to earlier, Microsoft spent the last 18 months redesigning, recreating, and upgrading its Operating System with the latest features and technologies. Essentially, the new Windows 11 features are tipped to revolutionize how you connect with each other, play your favorite games, access awesome content, etc. Here are the top features guaranteed to bring a new experience when the OS officially hits the market:

New User Interface, UI

Windows 11 features a brand-new user interface that’s heavy on simplicity and ease of usage. Microsoft announced that the new design is meant to help you stay productive and creative by getting out of the space. Perhaps the most notable UI features are the Start Menu and Taskbar icon. The former has been centrally positioned to create a floating illusion, making it effortless to browse and find anything you want on your PC. Pinned and running apps in the Taskbar are also positioned centrally and surrounded by new animations to bring a more natural experience.

New Microsoft Store

The new Microsoft Store has got a massive boost in Windows 11. Besides coming with countless more exciting apps, the new Microsoft Store will also run Android applications via the Amazon App Store. Even better, these apps will run independently (without the need for a phone), and you can even drag and pin them on the taskbar or Start menu. The Store will also feature your favorite shows, movies, and games. Finally, Microsoft also announced that it’s working with first-and-third-party companies to include apps like Disney+, Canvas, Zoom, and many more, to the Store.

New Gaming Technology

Buckle up for the most thrilling games with top speeds and breathtaking graphics like you’ve never seen before. Windows 11 is set to be the apex of first-world gaming technology that unlocks your PC hardware’s full potential to feature some of the most sophisticated games ever seen. These awe-inspiring technologies include:

  • DirectStorage. With this feature, your games will load faster, with no glitches whatsoever, as it optimizes space for a memorable gaming experience.
  • Auto HDR. You can never go wrong with this feature for cinema-grade visuals in your games, thanks to its broad range of colors.
  • DirectX2 Ultimate. This update brings the most impressive graphics to your games for the best gaming experience.

New Widgets

Get ready for AI-powered widgets that will serve you with the most curated content in Microsoft Windows 11. With the new widgets, you’ll be able to choose your favorite content, empower local content creators by tipping them in the feed, and rearrange as you wish. And to create a smartphone-like experience, Microsoft has stacked the widgets neatly on top of each other, limiting the need to reach your phone since virtually everything is accessible via your PC.

New Business Solutions in Windows 11

The professional and business sectors are also not left behind in the new Operating System. In particular, Windows 11 ensures that professionals and businesses can effortlessly multitask, connect, and secure sensitive data.

A New Teams-Powered Chatting App

Windows 11 comes with a new chat app that’s 100% powered by Microsoft Teams. This makes it hassle-free to chat and video-call with Teams – you only need to tap/click the app. Furthermore, Microsoft gives you the option to either start a new video/chat or launch the app for a wholesome experience. Plus, you can even connect with people on other platforms, i.e., if the person you want to chat with doesn’t have Teams, you can still message each other through two-way SMS.

Snap Multitasking

Snap multitasking is a new feature that makes it effortless to work on multiple windows without any inconvenience. That is, you no longer have to drag each window and resize it to fit into your screen. With Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, you can squarely position your windows side-by-side in a few clicks, enabling you to multitask while optimizing the screen space.


Microsoft is a well-known global leader in cybersecurity measures, and it has ensured that its latest OS employs the most advanced security solutions to protect users against threats. From the latest anti-malware solutions to timely security updates, Windows 11 has all it takes to protect your sensitive information from the prying eyes of hackers and data thieves.

Conclusion: Ready for the Ultimate Windows 11 Release Date?

The long wait is almost over, as the official Windows 11 release date is only a few months away. But as we mentioned, Microsoft provides an option to test the new OS earlier than everybody else by enrolling in the Insider Dev Channel. Either way, everyone will ultimately get to enjoy the unique Windows experience of breathtaking games, a rejuvenated Microsoft Store, a Teams-powered chat app, and much more.

If you wish to stay current on the latest Microsoft news and developments, plus unbiased advice and tech insights on Microsoft solutions, be sure to engage with our team!


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