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3 Instant Benefits You’ll Experience When Moving to the Cloud

If your business is still on the fence about the cloud, you should make up your mind soon. The cloud is an investment that can help your business improve operations, cut costs, and boost productivity. It’s inevitable that most businesses will use the cloud, so it’s not a question of if, but when. Why not take this opportunity to get a head start on your competition with a cloud computing solution?

Here are three ways that the cloud can help your business.

Anywhere Access to Applications and Data
If your organization is new to cloud computing, one of the better ways you can capitalize on its value is by using virtual applications that are hosted on and provided by an online environment. In fact, your business might already be using cloud-based applications, like Microsoft Office 365 or the newly-renamed Google Apps, the “G Suite.” These solutions offer data storage and cloud solutions that can help your employees work effectively from anywhere with an Internet connection. This helps them get more work done, and in turn, helps your business improve efficiency.

Additionally, it can be beneficial to host other applications and services in the cloud. For example, a cloud-based VoIP solution gives your team access to an online phone system that can be accessed via a desktop or mobile app, providing greater communication to your employees.

Improved Budget
Since the cloud uses virtualized machines to distribute your data, like servers and your desktop infrastructure, you can significantly cut costs by reducing the amount of hardware that you host on-site. You can manage workloads and operations all through the cloud, which helps you to optimize network operations and reduce inefficiencies. Plus, since you’re using minimal actual hardware, you save on utility bills like electricity and air conditioning, and you don’t have to maintain multiple hardware systems like you would with a whole room filled with servers.

Simplified Network with Room for Flexibility
When your network is simple, it means that you’re hosting it on the minimum amount of hardware possible. Calling it “simple” may not be the best way to describe it; rather, it’s using only the required hardware on-site, with the rest of it being hosted in the cloud. All of your organization’s critical solutions can be accessed and called upon from the cloud. For example, a desktop infrastructure hosted in the cloud allows you to take advantage of thin clients, which are essentially less resource-intensive workstations that call applications and desktop functionality from a centralized server. When implemented properly, thin clients can effectively reduce costs and improve efficiency. Plus, cloud-hosting allows you the flexibility to adapt resources adequately as your business grows.

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