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3 New Gadgets For 2016 That You’re Gonna Want [VIDEO]

With technology being so important in the modern office, there are thousands of gadgets produced each year that are designed to work with existing technology to deliver marginal-to-significant increases to an individual’s productivity. Each year, many of these gadgets fail in some way or fall out of public consciousness quickly, becoming nothing but the answer to a trivia question a decade from now at your favorite watering hole.

Some technology solutions, however, change the way people think about tasks they take for granted. Below are three pieces of upcoming technology that have been developed, manufactured, and are now close to being universally available. These innovations are just a few of the numerous new products that tech-savvy companies are releasing.

Zcan Mouses

Most people will remember the flatbed scanners that were once very popular, or the handheld scanners that took several tries to get the image scanned properly. The Zcan is a two-in-one scanner and mouse that features the typical mouse set-up with a one-button scan feature that allows users to capture pictures, documents, notes, and more to save or quickly share with others via social media. With the built-in Evernote integration, users can be more organized than ever.

Zcan’s newest product (as seen in the video above) is a wireless version of their scanner mouse. This product allows users to bring their Zcan anywhere, making it a valuable tool for work, leisure, and everything in between. The Zcan is currently raising capital via Indiegogo. To learn more follow this link.

Slide N’Joy

When you’re on the go, and you’re working on your laptop, you often don’t have enough screen space to properly manage all the tasks you are trying to complete. The people behind the Slide N’Joy understand this and have created an expandable display. It isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company try this, but the Belgium-based Slide N’Joy has developed a product that will immediately give laptop users more real estate in which to get things done. The company is currently seeking financial contributions through Kickstarter to get their product funded.

The display comes in the form of two magnetically-attached screens that connect to your laptop so that you then have a three-screen display. Each is connected with an aluminum hinge giving the user the ability to seamlessly share information with people by turning around the display as they continue to work at their computer. It is a great idea for any professional setting where briefings and meetings are conducted on the go; or, if a user simply has too much going on to properly multitask on one screen.

Swiftpoint GT
The development of the mouse follows the development of the computer. Now that a majority of computing is being done on touchscreen devices, there needed to be a change in the way that people are able to interact with their computer. Using a touch screen is easier for many things, but doing work on a touchscreen device is extraordinarily difficult. This is where the Swiftpoint GT comes in. It is the first wireless mouse that mimics the controls of using a touchscreen device, making navigating around a tablet much easier.

The way the Swiftpoint GT mouse works is by utilizing two separate modes. There is the traditional point and click mode that a typical mouse uses. The other mode allows you to use the built-in stylus to pan and flick to use today’s most dynamic mobile OS. It also integrates other touch features, like zooming and application switching. The mouse is connected through either Bluetooth or via a USB dongle that also is used to charge the mouse. Each 30 second charge is good for an hour of use. In a world dominated by touchscreens, Swiftpoint GT delivers a solution for the mobile professional. Visit their campaign on kickstarter for more information.

These are only three of new products available that can help the tech-savvy user be more productive. Do you have any products you are looking forward to? Share them with us in the comments.


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