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3 Leadership Findings in an Age of Digital Transformation

3 Leadership Findings in an Age of Digital Transformation

Holding a leadership position during this age of digital transformation can be a serious challenge. Read this blog for the leadership tips you need to succeed!  

In a world that is constantly changing due to the rapid expansion of software and technology, leadership teams are more important than ever before. The Internet of Things is one technology that is predicted to skyrocket over the next few years, and it won’t be a surprise to see billions of devices use this digital advancement.

From artificial intelligence and machine learning to network connectivity capabilities, the world of technology is changing right in front of our eyes–and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

While this new age of technology is making some changes to how we use devices and how we live day-by-day, this digital transformation is also having a strong impact on leadership teams.

How are these teams holding up while experiencing so much change so quickly?

Keep reading to learn some key observations made regarding how leadership members should approach this new era.

Digital Transformation In Orlando


With so much change happening surrounding the technology landscape, it’s now more important than ever to write down goals and stick to them. But simply writing them down isn’t enough; you should share them with others. This makes them more serious, concrete, and makes you more likely to stick to them.

Meet with your team to discuss your goals, talk with other executives about priorities; doing so will create a certain environment that holds your team accountable and keeps them focused. But you MUST stick to it. If you get off track, do your best to try to regain focus. Always keep a detailed list of your goals for yourself and your team, then announce them to everyone to create a clear path to success.

Constantly Grow

While writing down lists, focusing on goals, and prioritizing are all great practices during this leap into digital transformation, it’s vital to establish a growth mindset. With how constantly technology changes, you should always be thinking of what’s to come, what improvements will be made, and the steps you need to stay ahead of the game. Constantly learning and adapting to new technologies can help push yourself and your organization forward.

Here are some great avenues for how to stay educated:

  • Connect with experts on social media
  • Watch educational videos
  • Sign up for email newsletters about the latest news
  • Follow thought-leaders on social media
  • Attend conferences
  • Take an online course
  • Attend in-person classes

With how many educational resources are available today, learning never has to stop in your leadership position. And if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, learning and adapting is extremely important.

Rely on Teamwork

When things get busy at the office, you turn to your team for help. When things are confusing and don’t make sense, you turn to your team for guidance. When mistakes happen, your turn to your team to make the correction and improve the process. No matter what happens at the office, sticking together and working as a team is the best approach you can have during this new age of digital technology.

It may feel easy to shy away from the crowd and work on your own process, but we live in a time where teamwork is how you take strides towards real success. Especially when technology is changing and things are adapting rapidly, collaborating with your team and solving problems together has been proven to lead to many advantages.

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