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Challenges When Hiring an Orlando IT Company

Searching For A New Orlando IT Company?

In today’s business environment, finding a strategic IT service provider is critical. Without reliable IT support, businesses spend too much time and money dealing with tedious and preventable tech troubles. However, finding the right IT provider isn’t always a walk in the park. The IT services market is crowded and this can make it challenging to know what IT support is worth investing in. So, we’ve decided to create a playbook for businesses looking to hire an IT company in Orlando.

Overcoming IT Hiring Challenges in a Crowded Market

Everything you need to know about ensuring a smooth and streamlined IT hiring process

There’s no denying the impact that information technology has had on businesses of all shapes and sizes and in all industries. Dynamic business IT solutions have revolutionized the workspace and made it easier for teams to work more collaboratively than ever before.

However, even though most business professionals understand that IT can be a company’s biggest asset, many aren’t exactly sure how to make that happen. Business leaders are rightly focused on their core business, so carving out the time to get strategic and proactive with IT doesn’t always make the to-do list. That’s where a strategic IT provider comes in – but it’s not always that simple.

Finding IT Support in Orlando: Strategies for Overcoming IT Hiring Challenges

The fact of the matter is, even when a business makes the decision to prioritize IT management by seeking out a professional support provider, the hiring process can be a daunting task. Take Orlando for example. There are countless Orlando IT companies that claim to have the best approach to service and the most cutting-edge business IT solutions. This makes finding the right IT support in Orlando a challenge.

When the market is crowded and there seem to be endless options, it can be tempting to avoid the hiring process altogether or try to fast-track it by picking a provider who relies on flashy, big-hype promotion. However, because IT is such a critical asset for businesses in all industries, we recommend a different approach.

You must go into your search for an Orlando IT provider with a plan. You need to know what to look for, what red flags to avoid, and what kind of customer service values to prioritize. The truth is, when it comes to managed IT support, not all providers are created equal. However, if you go into your search with a keen eye and a checklist in hand, you’ll avoid investing in unreliable support.

Here are the top 5 ways to make sure your IT hiring process goes off without a hitch:

Be Promotionally Literate

In today’s day and age, it goes without saying that everyone always seems to be selling you something. The IT service and support market is no different, so you must go into your search with some skepticism about the over-the-top promotional hype. Every IT provider is going to be selling you something, but it’s all in how they promote themselves. If a company can’t stop talking about themselves and how revolutionary their approach to business IT is, that’s a red flag.

Don’t fall swoop to big-time promotions or quick-fix solutions. The right IT provider is going to help you understand that IT management and support is a long-term job – not some flash in the pan business opportunity. Focus on Orlando IT companies that are humble, straightforward, and honest in their approach to promotions.

Pay Attention to Customer Service Details

When searching for an Orlando IT provider, it can be easy to get swept away in all the things you’re looking for and need to prioritize. Take our advice – don’t worry about all the technical stuff right away. Focus on the approach to customer service that each provider demonstrates. The reality is, when you find the right provider, all those technical troubles will fall away. In fact, you’ll know you’ve found the right provider when all the little things they do give you immediate peace of mind.

Maybe they show a focused interested in getting to know your challenges and needs. Maybe they take a little longer to explain exactly how they can drive optimal efficiency for your business. Maybe they explain a time that they helped a business just like yours. Whatever it is, pay attention to these above-and-beyond gestures and choose a provider who walks the customer service walk.

Call in Back-Up

Let’s face it – nothing makes a hard decision easier than enlisting other people to help you make it. That’s why, we recommend sharing the burden of sifting through Orlando IT companies. First things first: engage your team. Ask them what their ideal IT support situation looks like. By getting their opinion you’ll hone in on what you’re looking for all the better.

Next, don’t be afraid to call in support from colleagues in your field or even IT professionals for consultation. By talking to other businesses in your industry and getting to know their approach to IT management and support, you’ll have a better idea of where things stand industry-wide. Of course, reaching out to IT professionals directly for their own consultation and opinions will leave you feeling even more prepared to make a decision.

Look to Experience

Nothing provides more peace of mind that partnering with an IT provider that has reputable experience. Particularly, you should be looking for an Orlando IT provider that has experience optimizing IT for businesses – bonus points if they have specialized experience in your industry.

There are a few different ways you should gage a provider’s experience. First, do some research on their technical experience, certifications, and professional partnerships. Right off the bat this will help you determine if you’re dealing with a professional team. Next, don’t be afraid to ask providers directly for testimonials or referrals. The best endorsement of a provider’s services is client experience and their reviews should come directly from the horse’s mouth.

Prioritize Optimal Efficiency

Finally, above all else, be on the lookout for a provider who can explain exactly how they’re going to make your business better. The very purpose of IT is to streamline operational processes and allow business teams to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Make sure you choose and Orlando IT company that prioritizes your company’s productivity and profitability.

The right provider should be able to explain to you exactly how they will deploy IT to make your day-to-day operations run smoother. They should be able to tell you their initial plans and explain the ways in which they will work with you on an ongoing basis to uphold the highest levels of efficiency.

Choosing the Right IT Company in Orlando: Final Tips & Tricks

Now that we’ve given you a quick check-list of strategies for hiring a reliable IT provider in Orlando, all that’s left for you to do is start your search. Before you start though, make sure you’ve done a serious “IT inventory”. Basically, make sure you go into your search with a clear vision of what IT looks like in your office currently.

By going in with an informed perspective, you’ll have an easier time explaining to providers what you need. You’ll also be in a much better position to match your needs with the services and support offered by different Orlando IT companies. Above all, don’t let yourself get lost in the crowded market. Stay focused and patient and you’ll find the exact kind of IT support you’re looking for.

If you’re already on the hunt or if you need additional consultation on the hiring process feel free to reach out to our team of Orlando IT professionals at SemTech IT. We have immense experience consulting with and supporting businesses in all industries and we are passionate about optimizing IT to meet the needs of any company.

Looking for reliable IT support in Orlando but not sure where to start? Convinced you’ll never find the support you need? SemTech IT can help; now and for the long-haul. Reach out to our team of IT specialists for a consultation anytime at (407) 329-5126.



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