Co-Managed IT Services In Orlando

Co-managed IT partners your internal IT team with external support and helps drive efficiency and optimization by leveraging proven operational systems and procedures. Do you need co-managed IT?


Co-Managed IT Services in Orlando

Co-managed IT Services in Orlando partners your internal IT team with external support and helps drive efficiency and optimization by leveraging proven operational systems and procedures. Do you need co-managed IT? This article will help you find out.

Your internal IT team is crucial to your success. The IT team provides IT support that helps you achieve your goals as a business. While the internal IT team is crucial to your operations, they may need help. Changing IT needs or the costs of employing all the IT support you need can necessitate getting external IT support for the staff.

As the business environment gets more competitive, organizations with strategic IT support can achieve their objectives. Co-managed IT support can provide the crucial advantages you need to succeed.

Clients often ask SemTech IT Solutions whether their organizations need co-managed IT support. SemTech IT Solutions provides IT services and support to organizations in Orlando. This article will help you discover whether you need co-managed IT support.


Challenges That May Face Your Internal IT Support

Does your internal IT setup have limitations?

Internal IT support may have some limitations. They include:

  • It may be expensive.
  • They may lack the expertise to provide IT support for a new venture.
  • The team may struggle to fix problems or to identify IT opportunities.
  • They may lack experience.

How can you deal with these limitations?

Getting external IT support to complement the internal IT team can address most of these challenges. Co-managed IT support can help you enjoy the best of both worlds — external and internal IT support.


What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT support refers to an IT support setup where an organization has both internal and external IT support. You keep your in-house IT department and get outside help for areas that the internal IT team cannot provide support or struggle to manage.

For example, your internal IT team can struggle to cope with changing cybersecurity measures and threats. Asking the staff to be responsible for your cybersecurity may take up a lot of their time, reducing their proficiency in other areas. A managed IT services provider (MSP) can help with your cybersecurity, allowing you to use your in-house IT department in areas they provide the best value.

Does Your Organization Need Co-Managed IT Support? You may need co-managed IT support if:

- Your Internal IT Staff Does Not Satisfy All Your IT Needs: Most entities have small IT support teams. This setup works for them because hiring IT staff can be expensive. An IT staff takes $35,000-135,000 per year, plus benefits and allowances. Your small team may not satisfy all your IT needs. Co-managed IT support can ensure you get the IT support you need while keeping IT costs down, as external IT support costs $5,000-40,000 per year.

- Your Internal IT Staff Is Forced to Work Overtime to Complete Projects: Changing IT requirements can stretch your IT department. For example, high demand seasons can exert pressure on the team. This pressure is not ideal for their wellbeing and can make them underperform in other areas. Co-managed IT support can provide the support you need to avoid stretching your IT department. For example, the MSP can avail personnel to help you cope with high demand periods.

- Your Internal IT Team Lacks Expertise in an Upcoming Initiative: You may need to undertake new IT ventures as your company grows. The internal IT team may not have the skills to support these projects. Co-managed IT support can provide the skills these undertakings need to be successful.

- The Internal IT Team Struggles to Fix Your IT Issues or to Identify Opportunities: Your internal IT department may not help you enjoy IT support's strategic advantages. For example, they may not identify innovations that can give your firm a competitive edge. Co-managed IT support provides support from employees of an MSP. These workers interact with various technologies and can identify opportunities that can benefit your company. They may also help fix issues that your IT department did not manage.

What Are the Benefits of Co-Managed IT Support? Co-managed IT support has many benefits.

- You Secure Your IT Infrastructure: MSPs often use the latest cybersecurity measures and programs. Co-managed IT support can grant you access to these protocols, besides those of your IT department. MSPs also have access to more networks, which exposes them to various threats. Working with them can secure your system from threats that your IT department may miss.

- It Can Help You Deal With IT Issues: Some issues may be beyond your IT department's depth. Working with an MSP can ensure IT support fixes these IT problems. Fixing these problems can save you from substantial financial losses and downtimes.

You Can Scale With Ease: Scaling may mean you need to get more IT support. Recruiting, training, and compensating IT staff can be a challenge. The costs of more IT personnel can overwhelm your organization. Co-managed IT support can make it simple to scale. The MSP will provide support when you need it. Their costs include various services that may help you as you scale. For example, their fixed cost may cover any new network that may need cybersecurity, and they can offer free consultations that may help you as you grow.

- It Can Help Your Organization Budget for IT Support: MSPs often offer fixed prices for their services, meaning you can make your IT support budget. Budgeting can help your organization allocate funds to critical functions. With co-managed IT support, you will get IT support during situations you did not foresee. This help will ensure you do not have events that alter your IT support expenses and force you to miss some services to pay for it.

- You Can Get the Best from Your Internal IT Department: Co-managed IT support can ensure you do not overwork your IT department. You may also leave some functions to the MSP and concentrate your IT department's efforts in specific areas. For example, you can surrender a significant portion of your cybersecurity to the MSP. These benefits can help you get the best out of your IT department.

- It Can Help Your Organization Enjoy IT Innovations: Companies can change MSPs if they feel their current provider does not offer strategic benefits. MSPs keep up with IT innovations to provide the best IT support to organizations. You may enjoy this knowledge through co-managed IT support. For example, MSP's employees can analyze your IT infrastructure and advise you on IT opportunities to help you.

SemTech IT Solutions Co-managed IT Services in Orlando provides reliable, customized IT services. Our support includes cybersecurity, managed IT services, cloud solutions, and more.


Getting our services to complement your internal IT team will:

  • Address the limitations of your internal IT team. We will partner with your internal IT to ensure you enjoy the best IT support, covering areas they cannot handle.
  • Enhance your cybersecurity and offer you greater IT efficiency, flexibility, and reliability.
  • Help you get the best from your IT staff.
  • Keep your IT expenses low and ensure you enjoy your IT investments. Our partnership can add an entire IT team for the cost of just another engineer.
  • Provide IT support that does not take vacations, sick days, and has all the network knowledge. We work full time to ensure you’re always on!

Are You Ready to Get the Best Co-Managed IT Services in Orlando ?

Contact us today and let our support complement your IT staff's efforts in helping you achieve your objectives.

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