Managed Print Services

A recent study by Quocirca indicates that over 50% of US vendors have adopted managed print services to achieve business optimization. As a result of the benefits that managed print services offer, more and more businesses are now adopting the approach. We can help you leverage these advantages.


What is Managed Print Services?

A business outsources its print services to an external provider to achieve optimized document output. Simply put, a print provider is involved in managing and enhancing all your printing hardware and software, maintaining and optimizing your print solutions.


How Can Managed Print Services Benefit my Company?

Managed print services provide visibility into your printing processes, which helps you save money and boost productivity. In fact, outsourced managed print services can help cut overall print costs by approximately 30%. Moreover, it helps achieve document security and improves environmental sustainability.

In a nutshell, managed print services will help:

  • Analyze your printing devices
  • Minimize inefficient and costly local printers
  • Streamline your printing locations
  • Effectively identify and replace ineffective print devices
  • Automate print supply deliveries
  • Achieve predictable printing and maintenance costs
  • Implement remote printing
  • Work with new technologies

Professional Managed Print Services from the SemTech Team

A lot of the time, massive print resources get wasted in offices where a large number of documents need to be printed. The result is slow work in the office, causing low productivity. Shockingly many companies turn a blind eye to printing procedures and costs. It is no wonder that we see the following printing stats by Marconet that:

  • More than 90% of companies never track printing costs
  • Document costs account to about 5-15% revenue
  • IT personnel spend 15% of their time on print matters
  • About 23% help desk calls have to do with printing

From a productivity perspective, considering and choosing an effective printing solution to complement your print needs is significantly important.

SemTech IT Solutions helps businesses seamlessly manage their print infrastructure so that they can concentrate on their core business operations. We help businesses maximize their print processes, inclusive of all devices like printers, faxes, copiers. We assess the business printing environment and give a comprehensive report on how a business can optimize their printing services.

Our print solutions are focused on helping companies improve productivity and reduce print costs.


Reasons to Choose SemTech IT Solutions for Your Managed Print Services Provider

  • Evaluation of your current printing infrastructure through comprehensive, systematic assessments
  • Proactively identify existing printing issues and provide concrete advice and a roadmap regarding your print options
  • Monitor, optimize, and manage your print processes on an ongoing basis
  • Provide your remote employees and mobile workers with accessible and secure printing access
  • Automate paper-based processes
  • Implement paperless processes where useful
  • Fast response to your print services needs

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