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Information Systems Support In Orlando Florida

Information Systems Support in Orlando FL

Why a Small Business Needs Information Systems Support in Orlando FL

A lot of small business owners attempt to handle their IT systems themselves. While this can be done, it can be costly and time-consuming. Information systems support in Orlando FL can offer expert IT services that most small businesses aren’t capable of providing on their own. There are several important reasons why even a small business needs information systems support.

Improve Remote Technology

An increasing number of businesses are allowing or even encouraging their employees to work remotely. While this can save on overall operating costs and improve employee satisfaction, there are several challenges involved. Some employees don’t have the right technological setup at home or adequate Wi-Fi connections. Some small businesses have outdated phone systems or inadequate methods of communicating with customers when employees work remotely.

An information support system can improve phone services and upgrade an employee’s devices and home system. Everything from video conferencing to a fast internet connection is needed to successfully conduct business remotely. Not only can an IT team improve mobile technology for a small business, but they can provide their own services remotely. Remote tech support may occur through live chat, email, or even over the phone. An information support team can conduct everything from software upgrades to security checks remotely.

Reduce Downtime with Information Systems Support in Orlando FL

Downtime is a major problem for any type of business, but can be catastrophic for a small business. Blogger and online media contributor Larry Alton states that the purpose of a website is to give visitors 24/7 contact with your firm. A website that’s down for even a few hours can mean thousands of dollars of lost revenue. The cost of losing customers and public goodwill may be incalculable. Downtime can also occur when an entire computer system goes down and employees are unable to conduct any type of business at all.

A small business may only have a few individuals who are able to resolve technical issues when they occur. If an issue arises after regular hours it may take time to contact this individual. If the person is unavailable for any reason a website may be down for several days, data may be inaccessible, and customers may have unreasonable waits for services or products. Information systems support in Orlando Fl can provide the expertise necessary to keep a small business up and running.

Improve Cloud Technology

No matter how large or small a business is, there are many benefits to using the cloud. There are an increasing number of apps and services that businesses moving to the cloud can take advantage of. Hosted applications are some of the fastest growing services available. Going to the cloud can increase productivity while reducing maintenance costs. An Information support system can help a small business take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer. There are several specific services an external IT team can offer a company when working in the cloud.

  • Hosted VolP
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • File Sharing
  • Data Storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud-based Desktop Virtualization

Provide Software and Hardware Support

A systems support team can provide both software and hardware support. Eventually computers will break down and hardware will fail. Most small business employees will not have the expertise to quickly diagnose and fix these kind of technical problems. To keep a company running efficiently, they need an experienced IT team that can accurately analyze problems and replace or fix hardware in a timely manner.

Besides breakdowns and repairs, software needs updated on a fairly regular basis. It can be difficult for a business to keep up with all the updates and improvements to online programs. In the age of information, it’s crucial to keep all software updated and running smoothly. It’s also necessary to keep software licenses updated and the current versions running to meet the needs of employees and customers. Information systems support in Orlando FL can keep a company’s software and hardware up-to -date and running as effectively as possible.

Information Systems Support in Orlando Fl Can Increase Security

Many small businesses may believe that hackers aren’t interested in their data and only go after the bigger companies. This, unfortunately, is a false assumption. Hackers often prey on small businesses because they view them as easy targets. Bad actors are continually coming up with new ways to infiltrate and steal data. A smaller company may not have the type of security system necessary to keep their data safe. Cybercrime Magazine states that 60% of small businesses close within 6 months of a cyber-attack.

It’s definitely worth the investment to bring in an outside IT team to keep all data secure and systems running efficiently. A small business owner will have peace of mind knowing that an experienced IT team is keeping their computer systems as secure as possible. This can also be a public relations boon as well. Potential and current customers will be more likely to want to do business with a company that places a strong emphasis on security.

There are also legal issues that can arise if a breach occurs. Some industries are constrained by strict mandates regarding compliance. Any breach in security or violations in compliance can result in lawsuits and costly fines. A damaged reputation, a substantial loss of revenue, and even closure of the business may result. There are a variety of threats to the security of any business. A few of these include human error, weak passwords, inadequate protection for personal devices, and external viruses. There are several security services that a professional information support team can provide.

  • Device Encryption
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Periodic Security Assessments

Most small businesses owners invest an extraordinary amount of time, talent, and money into their company. It’s imperative to provide the best technological support available to safeguard data and keep the business running as efficiently as possible. Outsourcing IT support is one of the best investments a small business can make.


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