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Outlook Feature Called Send Later

Microsoft Outlook Feature: Send Later (Key Insights)

Check Out This Nifty Outlook Feature Called Send Later

Email facilitates timely and secure communication within the organization and with external stakeholders. On the flip-side, however, experts equally encounter vexing distress when trying to balance email correspondence etiquette and timing.

Check out our latest video on how Outlook ‘Send Later’ feature can help you optimize your outbox.

How Does ‘Send Later’ Help Email Overload And Tension?

The truth is that email is essential for passing information and doing follow-ups within and without your organization. In the same breath, it’s only human that you sometimes find yourself with too many emails that corresponding becomes a challenge. In such environments of frustration, there is likely to be a communication gap. Miscommunication then breeds tension, and before you know it, there is an undue confrontation between various employees and departments. Then you start receiving feisty email messages in their numbers, leading to email overload.

The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to experience email overload, especially if you are the cause. It doesn’t get any better if most of the emails comprise frivolous contentions, finger-pointing, and intense disagreements.

Does this remind you of an experience you’ve had before?

Putting Things Into Perspective

Perhaps my experience will put things into perspective more clearly. Sometimes around February last year, I got this email from a client who was, well, a little overboard. Something the client said got me a bit hot under the collar. As natural as any exasperated person would do, I began angrily writing my irate feedback. It was after I had sent my ‘furious email’ that I realized the mess I had just created. A storm of emails going back and forth started barraging my inbox.

Apparently, I hadn’t changed the cc’d settings to other clients. Everybody was feeling offended, communication had broken down, and it took almost three hours to get everyone back on the same page.

That was not the most productive way we could have used email or even our time that day, was it? The whole idea behind email communication is to simplify organizational exchanges, not complicate them. Also, it is important is to acknowledge that your emotions will always play a role as you interact by email in demanding professional settings.

Is there a safe way out for you and your company to evade these furious disagreements and email overloads? Yes, your solution lies with an impressive Outlook feature called Send Later. What’s more? The platform is inbuilt in Microsoft Outlook.

How Does It Work?

We are delighted to let you know that Microsoft Outlook has yet again come up with an inbuilt transformative function known as the ‘Send Later’ feature. You can find it as a drop-down option on the regular ‘Send’ control, or just right beside it, depending on the Outlook version that you are using.

How do you use the ‘Send Later Tool’ in your Outlook?

  • Begin by choosing to respond to an email in your inbox or draft a new email message.
  • Just like you usually do it, compose your reply/new message.
  • Once you are done writing, you do not have to send it immediately; choose the ‘Send Later’ alternative.
  • The next and final step is to slate the time and date you want the message/response to be sent.
  • Microsoft Outlook will record the instructions and automatically dispatch your email messages at the appointed time/date.

So, how does it help you avoid situations similar to my experience detailed above, and the accompanying email overloads? The fact that you do not have to send instant responses gives you time to re-evaluate your replies. If you select the ‘Send Later’ option, you can always go back and amend your answer once you have let off steam and high emotions.

You also have the discretion to do away with the email message altogether. After reflecting and regaining your calm, you can edit or write a new response with a sober mind. This enables you to avert futile email contentions where miscommunication causes superficial disagreements to be blown way out of proportion. As a result, you save on time and undue stress and escape the burden of dealing with email overload.

Why Do You Need Outlook ‘Send Later Feature’ Now?

The most obvious perk is that it enables users to manage random commotions or knee-jerk reactions judiciously.

But that’s not all it brings on board. The ‘Send Later’ feature is equally an instrumental tool for managing your time, enhancing workplace organization, and efficiency. Most of the authorities we work with have fully embraced the importance of deploying ‘Send Later’ to plan all their day-to-day email replies to be dispatched at pre-scheduled times.

The tool helps you to evade always being chained to your inbox. It’s a breakthrough from your day-to-day routine being dictated by monotonous email correspondence. Across-the-board, the Outlook ‘Send Later’ tool is developed to refine your crew’s way of interacting with email communication for the better.

For clients who have heeded our recommendation to deploy this tool, the response is almost the same. Upon enforcing it, they have recorded improved levels of both in-office and external communication. Across the board, there has been an increase in staff motivation and better time consciousness.

If you have not deployed Microsoft Outlook’s ‘Send Later’ tool to optimize email correspondence in your organization, it is not too late to make a move in the right direction.

Outlook’s ‘Send Later’ Features in a Nutshell…

  • It is inbuilt in Microsoft Outlook.
  • It enables users to schedule email messages/responses for a specified time.
  • It is Free of charge.

Do you have any other queries concerning the ‘Send Later’ tool or any other Microsoft feature? You can always consult with SemTech IT Solutions. We have helped several organizations in Orlando deploy and optimize Microsoft and other latest technologies.

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