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Orlando IT Services

Orlando IT Services

Orlando IT Services Provided By SemTech IT Solutions

We provide managed IT services for your forward-thinking Orlando & Central Florida business

High availability of your technology systems is vital for your business to thrive in a competitive environment. You cannot afford to wait for something to go wrong before you take action. It would help if you had the assurance of constant monitoring of your network to ensure issues are identified and fixed as early as possible.
SemTech’s managed Orlando IT services help you take this proactive approach. We offer a flat-rate IT service plan that gives you enterprise-level IT support and a range of tailor-made solutions to resolve your technology-based pain points.

Orlando IT Services

Boost Employee Productivity with SemTech’s Orlando IT Services

Investing in managed IT services in Orlando increases the productivity of your employees in the following ways:

Higher Reliability of the Technology They Use

When you choose SemTech as your IT services company, you give your employees the gift of a highly available and reliable network, stable software, and appropriate hardware. As a result, your staff spends less time troubleshooting technical issues and can concentrate on the jobs they love.

Speedy Solutions to Tech Issues

If the inevitable issues arise, you do not want your employees sitting idle for hours waiting for resolutions. Your staff will be most creative and productive when they have quick solutions to their IT problems.

Our IT solutions ensure that your systems are up and running as soon as possible, reducing downtime and preventing income loss.

Increased Focus on Prevention

Ultimately, the best way to boost productivity is to stop any IT issues from occurring in the first place. Through the setup of reporting and monitoring systems and continuous preventive maintenance of your IT infrastructure, SemTech’s Orlando IT services will catch any potential sources of trouble and fix them before they threaten to derail your operations.

Managed Services Overview

Confusing or cumbersome technology will hamper the delivery of services to your customers. At SemTech, we have experienced IT professionals who will help you make the most of your technology. Our mission is to allow you to achieve your desired results. Our professionals will help you meet the unique demands of your business by providing the following services:

Comprehensive IT Support

Data backup, troubleshooting malfunctioning systems, and coordinating devices is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, mainly when you rely solely on your in-house IT department.
Because we understand that your technology systems’ setup and maintenance can distract your staff from their core responsibilities, we provide a suite of comprehensive IT support services. You can now switch your focus from setting up systems to enjoying the productivity advantages technology can offer to your business.

Let us help you resolve your technology pain points by:

  • Setting up unified business communications infrastructure and connecting your mobile devices.
  • Installing your connectivity solutions and ensuring your network security
  • Providing a 24/7 helpdesk for resolution of connection hurdles and diagnose reasons for system slowdowns

With SemTech’s comprehensive IT support services, keeping your systems up and running has never been simpler.

Cyber Security

One of the essential intangible assets to any company is the assurance that its IT systems are secure. Cyberattacks are costly and have the potential to shut down your business or ruin your reputation. The IBM-commissioned “Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020” shows that the average cost of a data breach
Do not let stolen data cause you to suffer losses or damage the name of your brand. We will provide the software and technical support you require to keep you protected from potential threats.

We also offer the following additional benefits to ensure the security of your data:

  • Generation of security reports
  • Constant remote monitoring
  • Device encryption
  • Risk assessments
  • Security awareness training for your staff
  • Threat simulation
  • Compliance assistance
  • Advanced ransomware detection

With our experts’ experience and dedication on your side, you can trust that your system will stay in constant health and that your data is safe.

Cloud Technologies

Today, more organizations rely on sophisticated web-based platforms for the storage and management of their corporate data. According to the Flexera 2020 State of the Cloud Report, 93 percent of companies use a multi-cloud setup, while 87 percent utilize a hybrid cloud.
However, managing the infrastructure and applications in these complex cloud environments can demand a lot of your in-house IT team’s time. SemTech has the resources and expertise to provide your business with:

  • Increased functionality of cloud applications
  • Administration of shareable content
  • Data backups and business continuity strategies
  • Data security and training in the safe use of cloud resources

As your business navigates the world of cutting-edge web-based technologies, do not let the technical aspects bog you down. Let us handle the technical intricacies while you get to work providing services to your clients.

Managed Print Services

Although businesses worldwide are moving towards digitization, there is still a place in the modern office for paper and ink. Because copying and printing are still an essential part of business operations, do you have a strategy to ensure quick and efficient printing?
SemTech’s managed print services will help your business identify its printing goals and define a strategy that will help achieve those goals. If you are looking to grow your business, then our managed print services are vital to ensure that you spend less time managing print jobs and lower your overall spend on inputs.

Document Management

An eFileCabinet study notes that most businesses spend about $20 in labor costs to file a document, $120 to locate a misplaced file, and $220 to reproduce each lost document. 20% of lost productivity is down to the challenges of document management.
We provide document management solutions that focus on the practical storage of electronic documents, replacing the office traditional filing cabinet. We index all your electronic folders by department, purchase order number, vendor, or other concepts that would make sense to your organization so that you can retrieve documents quickly and easily.

We Provide a Proactive Approach to Orlando IT Services

Our Orlando IT services seek to discover problems instead of treating symptoms. Our approach to managing our clients’ IT resources ensures that issues are fixed once and do not recur. If your in-house IT team has struggled with frustrating IT issues, you understand how valuable this type of approach is.
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